When was Seiko 7002 made?

The 7002 was in the Seiko range between 1988 and 1996. During that eight year reign, a number of different variants of the 7002 were released with slight differences between them. Whilst slight size difference are out there, the 7002 measures 41mm in width, 45mm in length and a 13mm thickness.

What movement is in Seiko 7002?

It uses a 7002 caliber self-winding mechanical movement that cannot be manually wound or hacked (the second hand does not stop when the crown is pulled out). It ticks 6 times per second which gives the second hand a smoother movement than quartz watches which tick once per second.

How do you wind a Seiko 7002?

The 7002 does not hand wind. You have to give it the “Seiko shake” to wind it up. With the ones I’ve owned, simply wearing it isn’t enough to keep it wound up. You’ll have to gently shake the watch head from side to side for a few minutes.

How can I tell how old my Seiko watch is?

Serial Number: The serial numbers on modern Seiko models are comprised of 6 digits. The first digit indicates the year, the following character the month and the remaining 4 digits a unique production number. The month is listed as 1-9 for January to September, then 0 for October, N for November and D for December.

What is radio sync solar watch?

Radio-controlled, Radio Sync Solar Chronograph automatically receives radio signals to precisely adjust the time and calendar The chronograph measures up to 60 minutes in 1/5 second increments with a split time measurement function and a date calendar.

When should an automatic watch be set?

Here are a few key things to remember when you Wind and Set your Automatic Watch…

  • If your watch is completely wound down, give it between 20-40 winds of the crown to supply ample power to the barrel spring (spring that holds the wind).
  • NEVER set your date when the time is between 9 pm and 3 am.