When must two or more ladders or a double cleated ladder be provided on the job site?

Double-cleated ladders or two or more ladders must be provided when ladders are the only way to enter or exit a work area where 25 or more employees work or when a ladder serves simultaneous two-way traffic.

What is a double cleated ladder?

Double-cleat ladder means a ladder similar in construction to a single-cleat ladder, but with a center rail to allow simultaneous two-way traffic for employees ascending or descending.

What are the OSHA requirements for ladder?

Through fixed ladders at their point of access/egress shall have a step-across distance of not less than 7 inches (18 cm) nor more than 12 inches (30 cm) as measured from the centerline of the steps or rungs to the nearest edge of the landing area.

What is the maximum length of a double section ladder?


Ladder Type Maximum Length (Feet)
Two-section extension ladder (metal) 48
Three-section extension ladder (metal) 60
Two-section extension ladder (reinforced plastic) 72
Painter’s step ladder 12

What ladder should be provided when two single ladders are not available?

A double-cleated ladder or two or more separate ladders shall be provided when ladders are the only mean of access or exit from a working area for 25 or more employees, or when a ladder is to serve simultaneous two-way traffic.

Is required when the top of the ladder is more than 24 feet above the lower elevation?

If the fixed ladder will reach more than 24 feet above a lower level, you as the employer are required to incorporate a personal fall arrest or ladder safety system into the installation of the ladder. (This requirement is cited in OSHA Section 1910.28(b)(9)(i).)

How do you know if a ladder is OSHA approved?

Telecommunication center rolling ladders rungs and steps must have a minimum clear width of eight inches. Stepstools must have a minimum clear width of 10.5 inches and the steps are not spaced less than eight inches or more than 12 inches apart.

What are the four common ladder types OSHA?

Using ladders safely begins with choosing the right one for the job. OSHA regulations list a few types, including stepstools, stepladders, rolling ladders, extension ladders, and self-supporting ladders.

What is the maximum height allowed for a ladder built on site?

A wooden ladder should never be painted or coated with an opaque material so that any damage can be seen easily. A straight wooden ladder should not be longer than 9 m (30 ft). Job-built ladders are heavy and not recommended where portability is important.

Can two ladders be tied together?

Tie two ladders together to make them longer. . Ignore nearby overhead power lines. . Move or shift a ladder with a person or equipment on the ladder. . Lean out beyond the ladder’s side rails. .