When did Shackleton advertise for crew members?

He claims it ran in London newspapers in 1900. But that was several years before Shackleton’s “hazardous journey”. Other biographies of Shackleton say the ad appeared in The Times on 29 December 1913.

What was the advertisement given by Ernest Shackleton?

Sometime in the early 20th century, British explorer Ernest Shackleton needed to hire a crew for an upcoming expedition to the South Pole. So he placed a newspaper ad: “Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness.

Is Shackleton ad real?

The story has been told and retold, and the quote has been riffed on to no end. But here’s the problem. The ad, and the well-loved quote it bore, probably never existed. For at least the past 12 years there’s been $100 on the line for anyone who can find a copy of the original advertisement.

What time did Endurance sink?

Endurance (1912 ship)

Out of service 27 October 1915
Fate Sank following crush by ice floes on 21 November 1915
Notes Location: 69°39′30″S 52°26′30″W
Wreck discovered 5 March 2022, Weddell Sea

How many died on Endurance expedition?

We had reached the naked soul of man.” After leading four relief expeditions, Shackleton succeeded in rescuing the rest of his crew from Elephant Island. Throughout the ordeal, not one of the 27 men of the Endurance crew died.

Did any of the Endurance crew survive?

Twenty months after setting out for the Antarctic, every one of the Endurance crew was alive and safe. A 2022 image of the Endurance’s stern reveals its name above a five-pointed star. The wooden ship was well preserved in the icy waters of the Weddell Sea.

What happened to the crew of the Endurance after rescue?

On October 27, 1915, “the end of the Endurance had come,” and Ernest Shackleton issued the order to abandon ship. Impaled by ramrods of ice and crushed by the unrelenting pressure of the pack, the ship shuddered in its final death throes. Her crew fled the crippled hulk, now castaways in a bleak land.