When did nammos open in Mykonos?

The official opening on June 30 2018 saw hundreds of special guests like Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Kate Moss, joining representatives from all the brands of Nammos Village.

Who is the owner of nammos Mykonos?

Flavio Briatore on Instagram: “In Dubai with Zannis Fratzeskos, owner of @nammos.

How much is a beach bed at nammos?

150 Euros per person
150 Euros per person for a sun bed – Nammos Mykonos.

Which beach is nammos on?

If the world is an oyster, NAMMOS Mykonos is definitely its pearl. Having transformed Psarou beach into one of the most coveted luxury destinations in the Mediterranean, NAMMOS promises that beach life will never be more exciting, glamorous, effervescent and indulgent than here.

What does nammos mean in Greek?

Etymology. The Arabic word “nāmūs” (ناموس) may mean “law”, “custom” or “honor”. The Ancient Greek word “nómos” (νόμος) means “law, custom”.

Who is Ibrahim Samy nammos?

No wonder Ibrahim Samy, the founder of Nammos World, appears happy. “Nammos set out to provide the best quality seafood and service for our guests. That remains our focus and goal,” he says.

How much is a sunbed at Jackie O?

Prices for a set of 2 sunbeds and an umbrella at Psarou; Super Paradise beach club; 30 euros, 40 euros, 50 euros (front) JackieO’; 100 euros.

Do I need reservations in Mykonos?

Make dinner reservations: For the more popular dining spots around Mykonos, you will need reservations for dinner, and you’ll need to make those at least a couple of days ahead of time during high season (June-August).

Where do celebrities party in Mykonos?

If you would like experience the atmosphere at some of the best and famous clubs in Mykonos which are popular with celebs check out Cavo Paradiso, Babylon, 54, Skandinavian Bar and Club, Tropicana Beach Bar & Restaurant, Paradise Beach Club, Void, Astra and Scorpios.

What should I wear to nammos?

However, sticking to sandals is fine. Chances are that you will be dancing in the sand at some point. Also, check out the Nammos Mykonos party schedule. For these events, you will typically want to wear real clothing when you show up, not a bikini.

When did nammos Dubai Open?

That’s right, the world-famous beach club will be opening in November 2019, and it’ll be split into four parts – a Mediterranean restaurant, a bar area, the beachfront, plus an excitingly-dubbed “extravagant one-of-a-kind bubbly room”.

Are you allowed to wear heels in Mykonos?

The cobblestone streets around town do actually make it impossible to wear heels. If you do, you will more than likely fall or you’ll have to take them off because of all the walking you’ll be doing in Mykonos Town and beyond. Trust me on this one ladies: leave your heels at home.