What year is Ruger Security Six?

The Ruger Security-Six and its variants, the Service-Six and Speed-Six are a product line of double-action revolvers introduced in 1972 and manufactured until 1988 by Sturm, Ruger & Company. These revolvers were marketed to law enforcement duty issue, military, and civilian self-defense markets.

Where is serial number on Ruger Police Service Six?

A letter “U” is stamped to the right of the serial number located on the bottom of the grip frame. The “U” indicates a used firearm. This . 357 Magnum stainless revolver holds six rounds.

How much does a Ruger Security Six weight?

The Speed-Six variant of the Security-Six has fixed sights, a somewhat more rounded butt grip frame and was intended for use by plainclothes personnel rather than for uniformed duty. It weighs in at around 30 ounces empty.

What year did Colt stop making the python?

End of production In October 1999, Colt announced that it would cease production of Python revolvers. In a 2000 follow-up letter to distributors, the company cited changing market conditions and the costs of defending lawsuits as the reasons to discontinue the Python line, as well as a number of other models.

What frame is Ruger GP100?

medium frame revolvers
Because of these features, the GP100 series is widely described as one of the strongest medium frame revolvers ever made. The GP100 is manufactured in . 327 Federal Magnum, . 357 Magnum, .

What type of frame is a Ruger Security Six?

medium frame
All Security Six and its subsequent models were sold with a choice of fixed or adjustable sights. A medium frame is used and made from blued carbon steel, with stainless steel introduced from 1975.

What is the rarest Colt snake gun?

One of the rarest of the Colt snake model revolvers; a rare “BOA” was the top Lot at Kramer’s March 28 Spring Gun Auction. Colt mfg. 1200 total pistols in this model with the entire production run being sold to Lew Horton Distributing.