What year is my Skutt kiln?

The serial number is on a data nameplate affixed to the control panel and represents the date the kiln was made. Usually the last two digits (before any suffixes) are the year in which it was made.

How much is an older kiln worth?

You can assume that a used kiln is worth 25% to 50% of that amount, maybe a little more/less, depending on wear, age, operating condition, etc. Sometimes getting a good price for your used kiln is just good luck; Find the perfect buyer for the kiln, and you get maximum value.

How long does a Skutt kiln last?

If you just need to put down a number of years and cannot find out all this stuff, a nice safe middle of the road number is about 10 years.

Is skutt a good kiln?

The Skutt 1027 Kiln, our top pick for an electric top loader Skutt kiln. Skutt Kilns are some of the most popular and dependable top-loading electric kilns on the market. Manufactured by Skutt in Portland, Oregon, the company has a variety of kilns to suit just about any size studio and budget.

What is ceramics kiln sitter?

Kiln Sitters are the control boxes on electric (or manual) pottery kilns that utilize pyrometric cones to dictate a kiln’s firing. Prongs within the kiln sitter extend to support a pyrometric cone or rod.

What is a sitter kiln?

Kiln sitters are mechanical devices that turn a kiln off after pottery has been fired. It uses a pyrometric cone to measure the temperature and time a kiln has taken to heat up. When the cone softens and bends, the kiln sitter turns off the power supply to the kiln.

Are kilns expensive to run?

Kilns have a reputation for requiring costly amounts of electricity, and many hobbyists give this drawback as a rationale for using a communal studio instead of starting their own personal home studio.

How heavy is a Skutt kiln?

400 lbs.
Weight: 400 lbs., 0.00000 oz. This is the perfect automatic electric kiln for high production, with nearly 10 cubic feet of loading capacity.