What wood is used for model ships?

Maple is good for the backbone of the model and decks but get wood with a fine grain, not the typical stuff you find at Home Depot. Boxwood is an excellent wood for everything especially carving but it is expensive.

Is model ship building hard?

Model ship building is an interesting and challenging hobby enjoyed by many. Combining elements of history, technology, and craftsmanship, model ship building offers a unique finished product that the builder can showcase with pride.

What is the best wood for model ships?


  • Basswood (Linden) Basswood is very popular amongst wood carvers and is one of the classic wood ship models used for bread-and-butter museum models.
  • Lite-ply.
  • Poplar.
  • Alder.
  • Pine.
  • Spruce.
  • Baltic Birch Plywood.
  • Maple.
  • Cherry (or Black Cherry) Another wood for ship models I enjoy working with is Cherry.
  • Which wooden model ship making company is the best?

    Scale: 1:75

  • Length: 38 inches,Height: 34 inches
  • Incredibly detailed wooden model boat
  • Click here to read historical info about the HMS Vanguard,which is well known for being the lead ship in the Spanish Armada during the XVII century.
  • How to make custom ship models?

    Ship Sizes. By ship sizes the game classifies all Ships and Stations.

  • Ship Sections. Ships consist of Ship Sections.
  • Component Slot Templates. Component Slot Templates are containers of actual Weapon Components attached to Section Templates,or to say “turrets”.
  • Component Sets.
  • Components.
  • Ship Behavior.
  • Global Ship Designs.
  • How do I build a model ship?

    Build the booms and gaffs.

  • Install and rig the booms and gaffs.
  • Make the sails based on the actual layout of my ship.
  • De-rig the booms and gaffs,and remove them from the ship.
  • Attach sails to the booms and gaffs as appropriate.
  • Re-install the booms and gaffs,and their rigging.
  • Add the additional rigging for each sail.