What were the final votes in 12 Angry Men?

Eleven men vote “guilty.” Only one man – Juror 8 – votes “not guilty.” The rest of the jurors are shocked, but Juror 8 says that he couldn’t sentence a boy to death without discussing it first. It is revealed that the defendant is a 16-year-old boy charged with murdering his father.

Why is Juror 3 the antagonist?

If you have to pick a main antagonist for this movie, Juror #3 is your man. We can tell from early in this movie that #3 is a guy who’s rigid in his opinions and not used to having people disagree with him. Even before the jury has started talking, he says, “Six days.

Why did Juror 8 change his vote?

This juror is well-spoken and his way of thinking more on logical. He believed the accused as guilty because he had preconceived motions about people from the slums. He avoids the emotional arguments and engages in rational discussion. He changes his vote due to the witness’s testimony is discredited.

Which juror voted not guilty at the first vote?

In the first vote, Juror 8 is the only one to vote not guilty. He does this not because he really feels that the defendant is necessarily innocent, but for another reason altogether.

Why did Juror 6 change his vote?

After the reenactment of the actual crime, Juror 6 again allows the arguments of others to begin to sway his decision; however, when it was shown that the angle of the stab wound did not match the angle an experience knife fighter, such as the defendant, would have used, Juror 6 became confident that his not guilty …

Is Juror 11 a protagonist?

The defendant, if found guilty, would receive a mandatory death penalty. Before any formal discussion, the jury casts a vote. Eleven of the jurors vote “guilty.” Only one juror votes “not guilty.” That juror, who is known in the script as Juror #8, is the protagonist of the play.

Why does the tenth juror change his vote?

Once it is clear that the Jurors will vote “Not Guilty”, Juror 10 also changes his vote. In the 1997 remake, he declares that he still believes that the defendant is guilty but changes his vote anyway as he knows that nobody will listen to him anymore.

Why is it so important for juror 3 that the boy be convicted?

Why is it so important for three that the boy be convicted? It is important because juror three has all consuming hatred of the accused boy. On what dramatic note does this act end? Three shouts, “I’m gonna kill you!” to Eight and it’s the same expression the boy used before killing his father.