What was the Broadway Limited?

The Broadway Limited was a passenger train operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) between New York City and Chicago. It operated from 1912 to 1995. It was the Pennsylvania’s premier train, competing directly with the New York Central Railroad’s 20th Century Limited.

What happened to the 20th Century Limited?

In 1967, the same year that the PRR dropped “All Pullman” status on its Broadway Limited the NYC discontinued its 20th Century Limited at year’s end, an ominous sign of just how derelict the passenger rail market was by that time.

What is the oldest railroad in the United States?

The Strasburg Rail Road
The Strasburg Rail Road is the oldest operating railroad in the United States. Founded in 1832, it is known as a short line and is only seven kilometers long.

How long does the Broadway Limited take?

In the heavyweight era the Broadway Limited was an extra-fare, all sleeper (no coach service) train with an open-platform observation car at the end, such as Continental Hall and Washington Hall. The scheduled running time was 20 hours until it was reduced to 18 hours in 1932.

What is a Broadway Limited drumhead?

The “Broadway Limited” drumhead. Author’s work. Notable equipment the train carried included a bar-lounge sleeper, dining car, buffet-lounge sleeper-observation, and four sleepers all serviced through Pullman; such was the trademark of a first-class train.

When was the below Broadway limited timetable dated?

(The below Broadway Limited timetable is dated effective November of 1969. Note the train still holds a schedule close to its 1938 counterpart with a few additional stops added. It has also changed train numbers in the Penn Central era.

What happened to the Amtrak Broadway Limited?

Amtrak singled out the Broadway Limited for special treatment and in 1972 completely refurbished its equipment, most of which was ex-PC, although former Union Pacific Railroad sleeping cars were also used. Amtrak also added a Slumbercoach to the consist.