What types of GIFs are there?


An animated GIF of a rotating globe
Filename extension .gif
Initial release 15 June 1987
Latest release 89a 1989
Type of format lossless bitmap image format

What’s a reaction GIF?

: a GIF of someone or something (such as a celebrity or an animal) that is sent or posted in reply to something (such as a text message or a social media post or comment) and that typically depicts and expresses a reaction Now, six seasons in, it’s safe to say the legacy of Schitt’s Creek goes far beyond legions of …

What are the GIF properties?

These features include file compression, transparency, interlacing and storage of multiple images within a single file which allows for a primitive form of animation. There are two versions of the GIF format; versions 87a and 89a.

What does eating popcorn GIF mean?

The infamous “Popcorn” GIF as its known in some circles has long been used to express impending excitement for an upcoming online debate or argument. Often it precedes some sort of trolling or leading comment that will undoubtedly result in dozens of commenters jumping into a thread to weigh in heavily.

How can I identify a GIF image?

Google images is an image search engine owned by Google. It lets you do reverse image searches by uploading the local image, pasting the image URL or just drag and drop the image in the search bar. When you searching for a GIF, all information related to the GIF will be listed in the search results.

Which category of files has a * .GIF extension?

Raster Image Files
Graphical Interchange Format File

Developer CompuServe
Popularity 4.2 | 660 Votes
Category Raster Image Files
Format Binary