What type of zone is the vadose zone?

unsaturated zone
The vadose zone, also termed the unsaturated zone, is the part of Earth between the land surface and the top of the phreatic zone, the position at which the groundwater (the water in the soil’s pores) is at atmospheric pressure (“vadose” is from the Latin word for “shallow”).

What is vadose water zone?

Vadose water is subsurface water between the land surface and the saturated zone below the water table. The vadose (or unsaturated) zone includes soil water, which is immediately available to the biosphere.

What is the zone of aeration?

ZONE OF AERATION: The area of an unconfined aquifer above the water table where the pore spaces among soil particles and rock formations are filled with air.

What is vadose zone of soil?

The vadose zone is the Earth’s terrestrial subsurface that extends from the surface to the regional groundwater table. As shown in Figure 1, the vadose zone includes surface soil, unsaturated subsurface materials, and a transiently inundated capillary fringe.

Why is vadose zone important?

The vadose zone is known to play a critical role within the biosphere: (1) as a storage medium to supply water to the plants and atmosphere, and (2) as a controlling agent in the transmission of recharging water as well as contaminants from the land surface to groundwater (Nimmo 2005).

What is vadose zone monitoring?

Vadose zone monitoring systems detect and or characterize changes in the zone between ground surface and the water table). The first was developed to monitor contaminant changes after a site is remediated. The standard practice is to monitor groundwater wells for contaminants.

Why vadose zone is important?

How does the vadose zone differ from the saturation zone?

The zone in which this water is held is known as the unsaturated zone, and the water itself is called vadose or suspended water. The spaces between particles in this zone are filled partly with water and partly with air. Beneath the unsaturated zone lies the saturated zone.

How many regions does the zone of aeration have?

What is Zone of aeration what are its various sub zones? They are vadose water present in the zone of aeration and groundwater present in the zone of saturation. The vadose water is further subdivided into three zones i.e. soil water zone intermediate zone and capillary zone.

What is the function of vadose zone?

What does recharge zone mean?

Recharge zones refer to those areas where water infiltrates through the permeable rock and sediment but the saturated zone is at a depth where surface ecosystems (e.g. palustrine, lacustrine and riverine wetlands, riverine water bodies and terrestrial vegetation) are unable to access the groundwater.