What type of drug is Danaparoid?

Danaparoid sodium (Orgaran, Organon) is a heparinoid glycosamino-glycuronan antithrombotic agent approved for the prophylaxis of post-operative deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which may lead to pulmonary embolism (PE) in patients undergoing elective hip replacement surgery.

What is Danaparoid used for?

Danaparoid (danaparoid sodium) is a low molecular weight heparinoid which has undergone clinical study for use as continued anticoagulant therapy in patients with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT), for the prophylaxis and treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and for the treatment of disseminated intravascular …

Is danaparoid a heparin?

Danaparoid is a heparinoid that consists of the glycosaminoglycans heparin sulphate, dermatan sulphate, and chondroitin sulphate.

Is Danaparoid available in the US?

Danaparoid as LMWH is a mixture of glycosaminoglycans heparan sulfate (84%), dermatan sulfate (12%), and chondroitin sulfate (4%). Danaparoid was removed from the US market in 2002 due to drug shortages but remains available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and several European countries.

What drugs are direct thrombin inhibitors?

Currently, four parenteral direct inhibitors of thrombin activity are FDA-approved in North America: lepirudin, desirudin, bivalirudin and argatroban. Of the new oral DTIs, dabigatran etexilate is the most studied and promising of these agents.

What are heparinoid drugs?

Heparinoid is a medicine that reduces swelling and helps with healing. It is used to treat: bruises. internal bruising (haematoma) varicose veins and other inflamed veins (phlebitis)

Is Lepirudin an anticoagulant?

Argatroban is a synthetic direct thrombin inhibitor derived from L-arginine, and it reversibly binds to the active site of thrombin. This review focuses on lepirudin, which is one of the oldest nonheparin anticoagulants used in the management of HIT.

What class of drug is argatroban?

Argatroban is a medication used to manage heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT), which is a rare, life-threatening complication of heparin therapy. It is a direct thrombin inhibitor, a class of anticoagulant drugs.

When is argatroban used?

Argatroban is used to treat or prevent blood clots in adults who have thrombocytopenia (low levels of platelets in the blood) caused by using heparin. Argatroban is sometimes used in people who are undergoing a procedure called angioplasty (to open blocked arteries).

Is enoxaparin a factor Xa inhibitor?

Enoxaparin catalyzes the binding of antithrombin III with both factor Xa and factor IIa. Anti-factor Xa and anti-factor IIa activity results in anticoagulation. For enoxaparin, the ability to neutralize factor Xa and factor IIa is approximately a 4:1 ratio. The bioavailability of enoxaparin given subcutaneously is 92%.