What snooker players went to Alex Higgins funeral?

Higgins’ funeral service was held at St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, on 2 August 2010. He was buried in Carnmoney Cemetery in Newtownabbey, County Antrim. Among the snooker professionals in attendance were Jimmy White, Willie Thorne, Stephen Hendry, Ken Doherty, Joe Swail, Shaun Murphy and John Virgo.

What happened to Alex Higgins snooker player?

Former snooker player Alex Higgins has died at the age of 61. The two-time world champion, nicknamed ‘Hurricane’, had been suffering from throat cancer for a number of years.

Where is Alex Higgins buried?

Carnmoney Cemetery, United KingdomAlex Higgins / Place of burial

Did Alex Higgins headbutt a referee?

World title glory in ’82 turned out to be the peak of Higgins’ career and his tumultuous life swiftly, and sadly, went into a nosedive soon after. By 1985 his marriage had ended and he was handed a five-tournament ban and a £12,000 fine for brutally headbutting a WPBSA official after being asked to take a drugs test.

How old is Lauren Higgins?

About 42 years (1980)Lauren Higgins / Age

Who carried Alex Higgins coffin?

Alex Higgins funeral A tearful Jimmy White helped carry the coffin of the 61-year-old snooker player who was found dead in a flat last month after a long battle with throat cancer. Stephen Hendry, Ken Doherty and Joe Swail were among the mourners.

What did Alex Higgins say to Dennis Taylor about his family?

at the Snooker World Cup in 1990. A fiery dispute came to a head when Alex Higgins told Dennis Taylor – then captain of the national side – how to run the team, which concluded in Higgins threatening: ‘if you ever come back to Northern Ireland I’ll have you shot. ‘

Who was the grinder in snooker?

Thorburn completed the win at 03.15 in the morning and it was his ability to win such matches that saw him nicknamed ‘The Grinder’.

Who is Alex Higgins son?

Jordan HigginsAlex Higgins / Son

Is Alex Higgins daughter?

Lauren HigginsAlex Higgins / Daughter

Did Thorburn punch Higgins?

At the 1983 Irish Open, their animosity came to a head. Thorburn punched Higgins and floored him, only for the Northern Irishman to retaliate by kicking his adversary in the groin while declaring, “You’re a Canadian c*** who is s*** at snooker!”