What size heads for 454?

Performer RPM 454-R heads have rectangular 315/300-cc (long/short) intake ports and 118-cc open chambers.

What degree are standard BBC heads?

A factory big-block Chevy head has 26-degree intake valves canted 4 degrees, and 17-degree exhaust valves canted 4 degrees.

Are BBC heads interchangeable?

The only OEM blocks with these bosses were the rare ZL1 aluminum blocks, but many modern aftermarket blocks have this added feature. Mark IV, Gen V and Gen VI heads all have the same head bolt pattern, but they are not interchangeable due to different water jacket cooling passages.

How much does a BBC with aluminum heads weigh?

The lightweight all aluminum motor is 389 pounds. The all iron big block is 754 pounds : with aluminum heads 660 pounds.

What are Big Chief heads?

These Big Chief cylinder heads from Dart put Pro Stock technology within the reach of every racer and engine builder. They have what it takes to win today: spread intake ports, shallow valve angles, efficient combustion chambers, raised exhaust runners, and a valvetrain that’s reliable at high rpm.

What are sr20 heads?

Description. The new SR 20 from BRODIX is at the cutting edge of conventional big block Chevy compatible technology. This new offering raises the bar to a level that is unreachable by the competition! Inspired by TPSA technology, the SR 20 surpasses any other head in its class by leaps and bounds.

Will 502 heads fit on a 454?

When you go to a dart or afr that is when you run inot exhaust port height problems. A new set of headers will fix you right up in that case. The generation of your 454 could have an impact on the 502 heads fitting. Most gen 6 454 and 502 parts seem to interchange.

Where are the casting numbers on big block Chevy heads?

However, the complete casting number is located beneath the valve cover, usually above an intake port. Additionally, either the last three digits of the casting number or the complete number can usually be found beneath one of the intake ports when a head is viewed from the combustion chamber side.

How do you measure heads for cc?

To measure the head, you will need a Cylinder Head CC Kit….Slowly fill the cavity through the small hole in the sealing plate.

  1. Fill to the bottom of the hole.
  2. Be careful not to spill.
  3. Make sure there are no air bubbles.