What size bolts for a Carbon Express Crossbow?

They are all . 284” on the ID and constructed the same way. Your Carbon Express crossbow bolts are made primarily of Fiberglass and that is a deal killer for the Lumenok. The arrow needs to be made of an electrically conductive material like Carbon.

What is the weight of the carbon Express 20 inch crossbow bolts?

442 grains
Designed for the hunter who wants ultimate penetration, this is the heaviest carbon bolt in the Carbon express lineup. Factory fletched with 4″ vanes. 20″ bolts weigh 442 grains (with 100 gr. point).

What is ID Carbon Express piledriver bolts?

The Carbon Express® Piledriver Crossbow Bolt is the heaviest carbon crossbolt in Carbon Express’s lineup—designed for the hunter who wants ultimate penetration, kinetic energy, and knockdown power.

What is the inside diameter of a carbon Express piledriver crossbow bolt?

Carbon Express Piledriver 20″ Crossbolt W/Moon Nock 6PK Carbon Express Piledriver 20″ Crossbolt W/Lighted Nock 3PK
Model #: 52140 52148
Grains: 442 442
Length/Diameter: 20″ / 0.348″ 20″ / 0.348″
Quantity: 6-Pack 3-Pack

Are Carbon Express crossbow bolts good?

The best crossbow bolt available in 2022 is the Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak thanks to its accuracy and consistency from bolt to bolt.

How fast does a Carbon Express crossbow shoot?

390 fps
The PileDriver 390 is available in a ready-to-hunt package that includes: rope cocker, quick-detach 3-arrow quiver, 3 PileDriver 20-inch crossbolts, rail lubricant, 3 practice points and a 4X32mm scope. Highlighted Features and Specifications: Speed: 390 fps.

Are Carbon Express Crossbow bolts good?

What happened to Carbon Express crossbows?

Carbon Express, a company selling crossbows, bolts, arrows and archery accessories, has issued a recall of two of their ‘Blade’ model crossbows.

Where are carbon Express crossbows made?

Carbon Express is made in South Korea.

Who makes the piledriver crossbow?

Carbon Express
When it comes to hunting with a crossbow, there’s no substitute for speed … as long as comfort, accuracy and shootability are not sacrificed in the process.

What happened Carbon Express?

FeraDyne has purchased Eastman Outdoors, whose brands include Carbon Express.

Who bought out Carbon Express?

FeraDyne Outdoors
FeraDyne Outdoors, is the manufacturer of the leading brands of Rage® broadheads, Axe Crossbows, Muzzy® broadheads and bowfishing equipment, Carbon Express® arrows, crossbows, and accessories, Covert Scouting Cameras®, Covert Optics, Nockturnal® lighted nocks, Tru-Fire® releases, BLOCK® targets, GlenDel® targets.