What size bobbin does a Singer use?

Outline Dimensions

Bobbin Class Simanco # A
15 2518 3/8″
66 32522 5/16″
Apollo 172336 9/32″
221 45785 1/4″

Do all Singer bobbins fit all Singer machines?

Each machine is designed to take a particular size and shape of bobbin, they are not all interchangeable.

How do I know what size bobbin I need?

Not all bobbins are clearly labeled with their size or style, however your machine manual should tell you what bobbin size your machine takes. ZJ shows several of the different sizes and explains what machines they are for. Larger bobbin sizes are typically for long arm quilting machines or some embroidery machines.

Are Singer bobbins universal?

There is no such thing as a universal bobbin, meaning no single bobbin will fit every sewing machine. Some sewing machines tolerate a slightly different bobbin better than others, but using the incorrect bobbin will most likely affect the stitch quality of your project, and could result in damage to your machine.

Do all bobbins fit all machines?

Do all Singer sewing machines use the same bobbin case?

If you have a Singer sewing machine that winds the bobbin in the bobbin case, there are three different bobbins that it may be. They are extremely specialized and will not fit in any other model.

Why does my bottom thread keep jamming?

The tension could be too tight or too loose. Set the tension to the basic thread tension setting or adjust the tension manually. The combination of the needle size, thread size and fabric is incorrect. Be sure to use the correct size needle and thread for the type of fabric that you are sewing.

What is the difference between Singer bobbins 15 and 15J?

Class 15 bobbins and size 15J bobbins are generally not always interchangeable as the 15J is slightly smaller. However, one of my personal machines uses class 15 bobbins and I accidentally purchased 15J bobbins for it.

What is the difference between Singer bobbin 15 and 15J?