What Pedals does sunn o use?

Effects (Anderson)

  • Turbo Rat (w/LM308 chip)
  • Electro-Harmonix/Sovtek “Civil War” Big Muff PI.
  • 4-way splitter box.
  • EarthQuaker Devices White Light.
  • Aguillar Optimizer.
  • Ernie Ball Jr. Volume Pedal.
  • EarthQuaker Devices Life Pedal.

What guitar does Stephen O Malley?

Gibson Les Paul Custom (Duplicate) Stephen switches between his Silverburst and Travis Bean sometimes, but mostly relies on his Travis Bean.

What guitars do Sunn O ))) use?

Guitars. – Travis Bean TB-1000 Standard (tuning is open-A baritone)

  • Amps and Cabinets. – Sunn Model-T amplifer heads (from the 70’s)
  • – Emperor 4×12 cabs. Effects. – Pro Co Rat pedals (x2)
  • Strings. – Various brands, gauges .17, .24, .36 wound, .48, .56, .68.
  • What amps do Sunns use?

    The early Sunn amplifiers relied heavily on tube amplifiers designed by David Hafler and preamps sold by the Dynaco Hi-fi company, with many of the first units actually containing power amplifier chassis sold by Dynaco (models MKII, MKIII, MKIV) as well as modified Dyna PAS1 preamplifiers.

    What is the life pedal based on?

    What is it? LifePedal is an octave distortion and booster built in a custom folded aluminum enclosure. It is faithfully modeled after the classic LM308 “White Face” distortion pedal, right down to the tantalum caps. The only modifications made to the original circuit are in the clipping section.

    What genre is Sunn O?

    MetalSunn O))) / Genre

    What happened Sunn amps?

    The Sunn brand is still owned by Fender, but Sunn-branded amplifiers haven’t been produced for many years. The Sunn brothers quickly outgrew the confines of their family garage, where they had set up shop.

    What boost circuit is in life pedal?

    “That’s essentially what the pedal is. It’s an FY-6 style Japanese Shinei circuit mixed with a classic Pro-Co rat – that has Keeley mod – and a boost.”

    Is Sunn O ))) black metal?

    Sunn O))) (pronounced “sun”) is an American experimental metal band formed in 1998 in Seattle, Washington, US….

    Sunn O)))
    Origin Seattle, Washington, U.S.
    Genres Drone metal doom metal experimental metal black metal noise rock dark ambient
    Years active 1998–present
    Labels Southern Lord