What nationality is Cardo?

AmericanCardo / Nationality
Ronald Nathan LaTour Jr. (born September 24, 1984), professionally known as Cardo Got Wings or simply Cardo, is an American record producer and rapper.

Who is Cardo signed to?

Taylor Gang Entertainment
Fool’s Gold RecordsDef Jam Recordings
Cardo/Record labels

How old is Cardogotwings?

37 years (September 24, 1984)Cardo / Age

Where are Cubeatz from?

Sindelfingen, GermanyCubeatz / OriginSindelfingen is a city in Baden-Württemberg in south Germany. It lies near Stuttgart at the headwaters of the Schwippe, and is home to a Mercedes-Benz assembly plant. Wikipedia

What is Cardo real name?

Coco MartinRicardo Dalisay / Played by

What is Cardo full name?

Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay, or simply known as Cardo Dalisay, is the main protagonist of 2015 longest running action crime drama Philippine television series, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Did Cardo produce Gods plan?

Now, just a month into 2018, Cardo has co-produced “God’s Plan,” off of Drake’s freshly released Scary Hours EP, and worked on Migos’s Culture II album among a star-studded cast of producers.

What hood is payroll Giovanni from?

Detroit West Side MC and de facto leader of the Motor City rap crew Doughboyz Cashout.

How old is Cubeatz?

Born 15 March 1991 Sindelfingen, Germany
Genres Hip hop trap
Occupation(s) Record producers songwriters
Instruments Maschine

What instruments do Cubeatz use?


Genre Hip-hop, trap, drill
Instruments Pro Tools, Maschine, organ, keyboard
Associated Acts Murda Beatz, Metro Boomin, Pyrex Whippa, Southside, CHASETHEMONEY, etc.

Who is Cardo real wife?

Yassi Pressman as Alyana R. Arevalo-Dalisay: a former news reporter and Cardo’s first wife who harbors resentment over him choosing his missions over her. She had a new relationship with Marco her new boss who is later revealed as the younger son of both Lucas and Catherine.