What myths does Poseidon appear in?

10 Most Famous Myths Featuring The Greek God Poseidon

  • #1 The Birth of Poseidon.
  • #2 Battle Against Cronus.
  • #3 Rebellion Against Zeus.
  • #4 Poseidon and Medusa.
  • #5 Poseidon and Demeter.
  • #6 Poseidon And Amphitrite.
  • #7 Poseidon And Aphrodite.
  • #8 Poseidon And Minos.

What is a special myth about Poseidon?

MYTHS. Poseidon and his brothers drew lots for the division of the cosmos after the fall of the Titanes, and won the sea as his domain. He entered a contest with the goddess Athena for dominion over Athens and produced the very first horse as a gift.

What natural disaster would Poseidon create?

Poseidon was known to be a god with a bad temper. Stories were told that when he became angry, he would hit the ground with his trident which caused earthquakes. He was given the Earthshaker. Stories are told of Poseidon striking the ground with this trident, which triggered earthquakes.

What is the myth of Phaethon?

Phaethon asked to be allowed to drive the chariot of the sun through the heavens for a single day. Helios, bound by his oath, had to let him make the attempt. Phaethon set off but was entirely unable to control the horses of the sun chariot, which came too near to the earth and began to scorch it.

What crimes has Poseidon committed?

Flaws and Crimes Poseidon goes to earth and has demigods with human women. Another crime Poseidon has committed is raping Medusa in Athena’s temple. Medusa then gave birth to a winged horse named Pegasus.

Does Poseidon cause tsunamis?

It was a common belief that Poseidon shows his rage by tsunamis and earthquakes. So, the how angry Poseidon in 141/142 A.D.? According to the historical records, the whole area including Lycian cities and Rhodes was affected by a destructive earthquake and a following tsunami in 141/142.

Where did the myth of Phaethon come from?

Eratosthenes claim that it is called Phaethon, from the son of Sol. Many have written about him–how he foolishly drove his father’s chariot and set fire to the earth. Because of this he was struck with a thunderbolt by Jove [Zeus], and fell into the river Eridanus, and was conveyed by Sol to the constellations.”

What color is Poseidon’s hair?

Eye color

Hair color: Gray or Green or Blue
Eye color: Blue
Height: 6’3
Character Information