What literary devices are used in Sula?

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory.

How is Sula characterized?

Embodying freedom, adventure, curiosity, unpredictability, passion, and danger, Sula takes little from others and gives even less. She is not ruthless; rather, she is spontaneous and unable to moderate or temper the sudden impact her actions might have on her community.

How is Eva characterized in Sula?

The matriarch of the Peace family, Eva is tough and strong-willed, and some of her decisions may be hard to understand. After her husband leaves her with three kids and no money, she fights hard to survive.

Is Sula a queer novel?

Smith, however, goes on to write that, in Sula, “physical sexuality is overtly expressed only between men and women” (175) and adds that it is a lesbian novel only in the sense of “the emotions expressed” (180).

Who was addicted to drugs in Sula?

When Plum returns from World War I, he is ravaged by his war experience and a heroin addiction. One night, Eva enters his bedroom to rock him in her arms. Afterward, she pours kerosene over him and burns him to death.

What does fire represent in Sula?

Fire, in all its ambiguities, could be said to symbolize life itself: life is both cruel and kind, and can’t be simplified to either emotion. And fire could also be said to symbolize Sula Peace—simultaneously the most vicious and the gentlest character in the book.

What does Nel represent in Sula?

In Sula the narrative focuses most clearly on the childhood and adult experiences of Sula and her best friend Nel Wright. While Nel represents traditionally defined gender roles for women, in contrast, Sula represents an individuality and nonconformity in these roles.

Is Sula a hero or villain?

Sula is a misunderstood hero whose upbringing haunts her for life. She is continually trying to develop her identity in a community that is not supportive or accepting of her as a person. The members of the Bottom see Sula as an outcast and are not sad when she disappears, leaving the town for many years.

What does Shadrack represent in Sula?

Since the need to order and focus experience is an important theme, the character Shadrack illustrates the terror of chaos through his self-proclaimed day “National Suicide Day” in his small town, which portrays the importance of fear, chaos, and death in the book Sula by Toni Morrison.

Who is Helene in Sula?

Sula Peace
Nel WrightBoyBoyHannah PeaceEva Peace

Is Sula a movie?

Sula (TV Movie 1975) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb.

Why is Sula called Sula?

And it turns out that her name has several meanings that are pretty appropriate for her character. Peace is, well peace. And “Sula” means “the sun,” which kind of makes sense since the earth orbits around the sun…just as so many people orbit around Sula in the novel.