What kind of alcohol is Framboise?

In English, framboise is used primarily in reference to a Belgian lambic beer that is fermented using raspberries. It is one of many modern types of fruit beer that have been inspired by the more traditional kriek beer, which is made using sour cherries.

Is Framboise a wine?

Made entirely of fresh raspberries, this deliciously sweet dessert wine is back only for a limited time. This bottle comes in a full size 750 ml.

Is framboise an alcoholic?

OVERVIEW. Belgium- Lambic-Fruit- 2.5% ABV. This lambic is deep red with a medium body. It has medium sweetness and is reminiscent of raspberries, sweet herbs, and yeast.

Is framboise a sour beer?

You can classify Framboise as a Sour Beer. At its core, Framboise beer is a Sour because it is a particular blend of a Sour.

What is framboise used for?

Lush and intensely sweet but just tart enough from the raspberry fruits. Serve well-chilled. Often served over ice cream or other desserts as a flavor enhancer. Can be used as a flavored additive for mixed drinks, such as a raspberry martini or margarita.

How do you serve framboise?

Serving Glass Lindemans Framboise is poured into an elegant degustation glass on a tall stem to ensure that the aromas are preserved and the frothy collar remains upright. In the USA this beer is usually served in the slender Lindemans flute.

How long is framboise good for?

The only issue with Framboise is that the raspberry appeal is overtaken by the Lambic as time passes. The brewers’ recommendation is to consume Framboise within two years in one go.

Does framboise need to be refrigerated?

Rule #4: “Creme of/Cream of” anything should be refrigerated once opened. Examples include: Irish Cream, Tequila Cream, and Crème de Mûre/Pêche/Poire/Framboise.

What does framboise taste like?

In taste, all framboise show raspberry flavors, and like other lambic beers they can be mildly or highly acidic. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of framboise is the differing level of dryness in various marketplace examples.

Does Framboise need to be refrigerated?

How do you serve Framboise?

How long is Framboise good for?

two years
Keeping and Storage Lindemans Framboise will store for up to two years in the bottle. Do not exceed the recommended best-before date, there is no point keeping this one any longer than advised.