What is WAKY radio station number?

WAKY-FM (103.5 FM) is a radio station licensed to Radcliff, Kentucky, United States, and serving the Louisville, Kentucky area. The station is currently owned by W & B Broadcasting, Inc….WAKY-FM.

Radcliff, Kentucky
Broadcast area Louisville, Kentucky
Frequency 103.5 MHz
Branding 103.5 WAKY

What year did WAKY radio start?

The station was assigned the WAKY call letters by the Federal Communications Commission on April 1, 2015….WAKY (AM)

Louisville, Kentucky
First air date 1958 (as WTMT)
Former call signs WTMT (1958–2006) WTUV (2006–2015)
Technical information

What station is WAKY in Louisville?

WAKY 103.5 Louisville Kentucky. Persons with disabilities needing assistance with public inspection file content should contact Rene’ Bell at 270-766-1035 or [email protected].

How old is Johnny Randolph?

The world of oldies radio lost one of its long-time DJ’s last week when Johnny Randolph died on July 22. He was 79.

What does WAKY stand for?

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What does wackiness mean?

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Is it wacky or whacky?

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What does Mindcap mean?

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What does whack mean slang?

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What does whacky mean in slang?

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