What is Vision Express known for?

Vision Express is a British company established in 1988 that sells spectacles and contact lenses.

Who is Vision Express owned by?

Although we very much remain a distinct brand, in 1997 Vision Express became part of leading international optical retail group GrandVision NV. Operating over 7000 stores in 44 countries across the globe, GrandVision has more than 37,000 employees.

Can I get my glasses adjusted at Vision Express?

Free lifetime servicing applies to all glasses and sunglasses bought at Vision Express. No proof of purchase is necessary. To receive this service customers need to take their glasses or sunglasses into store. The free lifetime servicing includes frame and side adjustments, nose pad adjustment and/or replacement.

How do I cancel my Vision Express account?

you can cancel the Vision Express subscription lens plan, Complete Contact Care, whenever you like, as there’s no minimum length of contract. You can reach out via email at [email protected] or phone 0800 298 3344. You can also log into your Vision Express account if you want to make any changes.

Is Vision Express owned by Tesco?

Vision Express has rebranded its final practices within Tesco after opening more than 10 stores a week across the UK and Ireland since the start of the year. The multiple acquired Tesco Opticians in December 2017, incorporating 210 Tesco Opticians stores and expanding the Vision Express portfolio to over 600 practices.

Is Vision Express owned by Boots?

De Rigo, which licences Carolina Herrera and Lanvin, owns more than 40% of Boots Opticians. Hal Holdings, meanwhile, part owns both Safilo and Vision Express. Sunglass Hut and David Clulow are owned by Luxottica retail, which also runs John Lewis Opticians on behalf of the department store.

Do Vision Express own Specsavers?

Who Is Vision Express Owned By? Vision Express is owned by GrandVision, a Dutch company. Conversely, Specsavers is owned by the Perkins Family. Both Specsavers and Vision Express are owned by different companies.

Is Vision Express part of Tesco?

Can I get new lenses in my old frames Vision Express?

All you need to do is take your glasses with your Grand Advantage card to your nearest Vision Express store. It doesn’t have to be the same store you purchased them from. We can carry out a range of repairs for you, from scratch removal to replacing your glasses’ lenses.

What are the best varifocal lenses?

Who Makes The Best Varifocal Lenses?

  • Essilor – “Varilux – “Comfort NE”, “Physio 2.0” & “X Series”
  • Nikon – “Presio”, “SeeMax Master”,
  • Hoya – “GP”, “iD Lifestyle”, “Summit”. “Balansis”, “MyStyle V”
  • Carl Zeiss – “Zeiss Progressive Individual 2” & “Zeiss Progressive Plus 2”

Can you cancel order at Vision Express?

We’re confident you’ll love your new glasses, but if you change your mind, simply return them with proof of purchase within 100 days and we promise to exchange or refund your purchase.

How do I make a complaint to Vision Express?

1. With our customer services team: We can be contacted on 0800 038 2177 or by completing a webform here. The customer service team are best placed to assist you and will make every effort to resolve your complaint at first contact.