What is there to do in Spencer County KY?

Boat, swim or fish in the 3,050-acre Taylorsville Lake — the most heavily stocked fishing lake in Kentucky! Hike, bike or horseback ride the 24-mile trail system, or enjoy a game of golf with spectacular views. The rural atmosphere brings abundant deer and turkey, for nature-lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Does Taylorsville Lake have a beach?

Swimming, wading, snorkeling or scuba diving at one’s own risk is permitted, except at boat launching sites, designated mooring points and public docks, or other areas so designated by the District Commander. There are no developed swim beaches at Taylorsville Lake.

Is Taylorsville Kentucky a good place to live?

Taylorsville is a nice, safe place to live. Access to services is limited. Only one grocery store in town and retail stores are limited to Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree.

Can you kayak in Taylorsville Lake?

Taylorsville Lake is not a wide lake, so favorable paddling can usually be found easily. The lake is 13 miles long, so it is possible to paddle its length in a day, given weather.

What is there to do in Taylorsville KY?

Tanglewood Golf Course. U.S. Army C.O.E. Visitor Center.

  • Taylorsville Lake Marina. U.S. Army C.O.E. Visitor Center.
  • U.S. Army C.O.E. Visitor Center.
  • Taylorsville Lake State Park.
  • Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Shooting Range and Water Fowl Management Area.
  • Historic Taylorsville Main Street.
  • Fossil Trail.
  • What cities are in Spencer County KY?

    Elk Creek
    Spencer County/Cities

    Do people swim in Taylorsville Lake?

    (NO swimming from boat ramps or docks, swimming is ONLY available at the Dam.) The campground at Taylorsville Lake State Park offers 42 improved campsites with electric and water, 15 spacious primitive sites, 10 pull-through equestrian sites, 2 playgrounds, and 2 central service buildings with laundry.

    How big is Taylorsville Kentucky?

    582 acresTaylorsville / Area

    Is Spencer County Kentucky a dry county?

    Taylorsville Lake, located primarily within Spencer County, serves as a major economic resource for the area. Spencer was a dry county until 2009 when the county’s residents voted to overturn the ban on alcohol sales….Spencer County, Kentucky.

    Spencer County
    State Kentucky
    Founded 1824
    Named for Spier Spencer
    Seat Taylorsville

    What county is Taylorsville KY in?

    Spencer CountyTaylorsville / County

    Can you drink on Taylorsville Lake?

    Kentucky’s lakes and waterways are deemed public places; therefore it is illegal to drink alcohol while boating these waters. In addition to boating, the law also applies to water skis, surfboards and similar watercraft.

    Who is Taylorsville KY named after?

    Richard Taylor
    History. Taylorsville was founded in 1799 on the land of Richard Taylor, father of US President Zachary Taylor. Roughly 60 acres (240,000 m2) of land was taken by the Shelby County Court on Taylor’s motion, and soon the town was named after Taylor himself.