What is the use of Durex massage gel?

The uses of Durex Play Massage Lubricant Gel are for massages and sexual purposes. This gel is highly effective in reducing friction during sexual intercourse. A big advantage of this gel is that it is non-greasy and non-sticky. Women can use this gel to reduce vaginal dryness.

Is Durex good for massage?

The Durex gel has Guarana, which is found in the Amazon basin. This ingredient is high in caffeine, which boosts sexual mood and stamina. The lubricant is a 2 in 1 product and thus it can be used to get rid of vaginal dryness as well you can use it as a body massage. The gel is water-soluble and can be washed easily.

How do you use Durex tingling gel?

Durex gel is soft and silky and renders the same effect on the body. Moreover, it is quite easy to use. All you need to do is to dab it on the skin and massage it. It spreads easily and absorbs into the skin.

Which Durex is best?

Durex Extended Pleasure condom is the best choice for those who think the longer the duration of sex more the pleasure. Using Durex Extended Pleasure condoms help you in prolonging sexual pleasure.

Where can I use Durex gel?

Usage: Take off the cap and just squeeze gently smoothing the lube onto your intimate area and all over your body. And when you need more, just help yourself. Cheeky Cherry Lubricant Gel is suitable for vaginal, anal, and oral sex. You can use Play Cheeky Cherry Lubricant Gel safely with all Durex Condoms and toys.

Is Durex tingling lube safe?

Durex Play Tingle Lubricant Gel is a completely safe lubricant gel for smooth and comfortable love-making with your partner – contains a unique blend of ingredients that warm, cool, and tingle whilst still being gentle on your intimate areas.

Is lubricant gel safe?

Commercial lubricants are safe for most people. However, as with any healthcare product, they present some risks, including: allergic reactions. skin irritation.

Is Durex extra time good?

Slightly overpriced.. The gel at the tip of the condom does the magic and prolongs ejaculation. With using this product and a few other techniques you can really go long as they show in prn movies. The overall quality is also good as it is for all durex products.

How do you use pleasure gel?

Squeeze gently so you have a small bead of gel on your finger. Massage gently onto your intimate areas. A cool tingling sensation sets in either immediately or after a couple of minutes. The sensation can last upto 10 minutes.