What is the synonym for part?

Some common synonyms of part are division, fragment, member, piece, portion, section, and segment.

What is another word for one part?

1. Part, piece, portion, segment, section, fraction, fragment refer to something that is less than the whole.

What’s another word for as part of?

What is another word for part of?

included contained
combined comprised
constituted covered
enclosed incorporated
embodied encompassed

What is a synonym for important part?

A foundation or starting point for further work. base. basis. foundation. core.

What is a part of something?

countable noun. A part of something is one of the pieces, sections, or elements that it consists of. I like that part of Cape Town.

Is it part or a part?

Use “part” when it is not meaningful without the rest of the whole; use “a part” when it is meaningful and combines with other meaningful parts of the same whole. For instance: A leg is part of my body; but This item is a part of my collection. Show activity on this post. This needs some punctuation.

Is it part of or a part of?

The form “a part” emphasizes that the thing referred to is or can be thought of as a unit among other units. So “He was a part of the team.” says that he was one of several members of the team. The form “part of” without “a” emphasizes the idea of being an aspect of or an ingredient of.

What does integral part mean?

adjective. of, relating to, or belonging as a part of the whole; constituent or component: integral parts. necessary to the completeness of the whole: This point is integral to his plan. consisting or composed of parts that together constitute a whole. entire; complete; whole: the integral works of a writer.

What is the synonym of integral?

unified, integrated, comprehensive, organic, composite, combined, aggregate, undivided, overall, gross, entire, complete, whole, total, full, intact.

What is the adjective of part?

part (adverb) part (adjective) parting (noun) parting (adjective) part–time (adjective)

What does part mean?

Noun. part, portion, and section mean something less than the whole to which it belongs. part is used when something is taken away from the whole or thought of as being separate from the rest. A part of the room is used for storage. portion is used when a whole has been divided into assigned parts.

How do you use part?

A part is two words: a is an article and part is a noun synonymous with piece. A part is frequently seen in the company of the preposition of. Our neighbor Lucy has always felt like a part of our family. May I have a part of your steak?