What is the smallest size a QR Code can be?

2 x 2 cm
Although there is a minimum size QR Code of 2 x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 in), QR Codes be made as large as you need as long as you use high-quality images so that the pixels don’t become too blurred. When designing a QR Code to be used for a minimum distance scan, you have to also consider the placement.

What is a micro QR Code?

Micro QR Code was designed by Denso Wave in Japan to be a smaller, more compact version of their regular QR Code. Micro QR is intended for use where QR Code would take up too much space or where less data needs to be encoded, as with direct parts marking on small components. It also encodes kanji characters.

Can QR codes be made smaller?

You can still choose smaller print sizes for your QR Codes, but you need to be careful. QR Codes can be smaller (up to 1.5 cm square) and still be readable, but then they need not to contain too much data and to have less distorting customizations (placing a logo would not be wise for a small QR Code).

Does size matter for QR Code?

Size does matter, after all. Make sure the QR code is at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension for people to scan it from short distances! It is also very important that you place your QR codes in places with a high amount of people, so scanners will notice it right away.

How do I scan a tiny QR code?

Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the QR Code reader on your phone.
  2. Hold your device over a QR Code so that it’s clearly visible within your smartphone’s screen. Two things can happen when you correctly hold your smartphone over a QR Code.
  3. If necessary, press the button. Presto!

Do QR codes have to be black and white?

But does a QR code must be black and white? Of course not. QR code can be either colorful or recognizable only if it can be detected in binarization. Colorful QR code can not only leave people a deeper impression, but it can also convey more information than standard QR code.

Can iPhone read Micro QR codes?

2Support for Smaller QR Codes in Camera You’ve been able to scan QR codes using your iPhone’s Camera app since iOS 11. With iOS 14.4, however, Apple now supports scanning smaller QR codes in the Camera app.

How small can a 2D barcode be?

2D codes can be as small as 1/30th the size of a typical barcode containing the same data. As a result, 2D codes can be printed on electronics and other small parts where space is limited.

Can QR codes be too big to scan?

There is no limit for maximum sizes, a QR code can be as big as you like. Just make sure that it fits into the smartphone camera from a normal scanning distance. When printing larger QR codes, make sure you are using vector formats, like .

Can QR codes be rectangular?

Other types of QR Codes However, they do have the limitation that they hold less information than regular QR Codes. Micro QR Codes in comparison with a normal size QR Code. In contrast to the square shape of a typical QR Code, iQR Codes use a rectangular shape.

Does a Screenshotted QR code work?

Yes you can. Please make sure the QR code is clear so our partner can scan it. We can’t be held responsible if an unclear picture or screenshot prevents you from redeeming the code.

Will a screenshot of a barcode work?

Your barcode includes technology to protect it, so you won’t be able to use screenshots or print outs.