What is the Seabee logo?

The WWII CEC insignia is used today as the emblem of the CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation….Seabee.

Naval Construction Battalions
Type Expeditionary Forces
Role Military engineering
Size 7,000+ active personnel 6,927 Reserve personnel Around 14,000 total
Nickname(s) Seabees

Who made the Seabee logo?

The original Seabees logo was created in spring 1942, shortly after the Construction Battalion was officially named Seabees. The emblem, nicknamed the Fighting Bee, was developed by a Rhode Islander Frank Iafrate at Davisville.

What is the Seabee motto?

We build, We fight
The Seabee Motto is “Construimus, Batuimus.” The Latin phrase, which means “We build, We fight,” was the brainchild of Rear Adm. Ben Moreell, who is considered the father of the Seabees.

Are Seabees considered veterans?

The Navy Seabee Veterans of America Inc., is a national member organization of Naval personnel who have served or are serving under honorable conditions.

Is the Seabees logo copyrighted?

The Navy Seabees 75th Anniversary logo is a trademark of the United States Navy. Permission for use in commercial retail and advertising is required. Anyone that wishes to use an officially licensed vendor for commercial purposes, including reproduction on merchandise, may do so without a One-Time Use Agreement.

What did the Seabees do in Vietnam?

Seabee accomplishments in Vietnam were impressive. They built roads, airfields, cantonments, warehouses, hospitals, storage facilities, bunkers and other facilities which were critically needed to support the combatant forces.

Why do Seabees say Hoorah?

Used by the United States Army, JROTC, and sometimes by the US Marine Corps and Navy Seabees. Hooah is used as a term for spirit and morale, generally meant to say anything and everything but “no.” It’s also used, conversely, as a way to express excitement, approval, and even pleasure.