What is the rarest title in wow?

To this day, Scarab Lord is among the rarest and most prestigious titles in the game.

Are wow titles account wide?

Not all titles are account wide. The Legion titles are not account wide, FYI.

How do people get titles in wow?

Titles are earned by completing achievements in game. If you scroll through your achievement list you’ll see ones that list the achievement name, followed by “Reward: Title ‘the Exalted’”, among other things.

Who has the most rank 1 titles in wow?

Account-Wide Titles

# Character Score
1 Killaks ❮Vesper❯ US-Area 52 276
2 Xhanon ❮Arctic Avengers❯ EU-Kazzak 271
3 Rebelols ❮Imminent❯ EU-Twisting Nether 264
4 Klydasaurus ❮HC❯ US-Mal’Ganis 261

Can you still get hand of Adal title?

The title Hand of A’dal was granted by the achievement of the same name which required to complete the quest The Vials of Eternity before the launch of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. This achievement and title are no longer obtainable.

Is bloodsail Admiral account wide?

As reported by Wowhead News, the Bloodsail Admiral title is now an account-wide title as of patch 5.0.

Is the insane title account wide?

You will get “the Insane” title that is still considered to be one of the most prestigious in World of Warcraft. The title is account wide and will become available for all of your characters once it’s received.

How do you get the assistant professor title in wow?

The Assistant Professor title only requires you to solve a single rare artifact, which puts it towards the top of the list for ease — though you’ll need to commit more time to archeology to get Associate Professor and Professor.

How do you get the professor title in wow?

Best way to get this: Get all the dwarves rares from Eastern Kingdoms plus the troll sword and the two fossils rares while you’re doing the dwarves. Then switch at Kalimdor (you should be at least 450 for Uldum digsites to spawn) and get all the Night Elves artifacts.

How do you get the title Trashmaster?

The Trashmaster Title – Secret Title

  1. Trashmaster’s Mantle has a chance to drop from K.U.-J. in Operation: Mechagon.
  2. Speak with Jani and complete the quest “I Am the Trashmaster” by giving her the Trashmaster’s Mantle cloak.
  3. Completing the quest will permanently unlock the Trashmaster Title for your character.

How do you get the title salty?

Salty is a title which is unlocked by completing most of the content found in The Arc: Completed the Arc Journal and purchased all permanent unlocks in the Waiko and Ports Reward Shops.