What is the RAL code for Silver?

RAL color 7001
This page shows RAL color 7001 called Silver grey….RAL 7001 Silver grey.

Dutch: Zilvergrijs
Spanish: Gris plata

Is RAL 7001 metallic?

RAL 7001 Silver Grey Polyester Smooth and Glossy Metallic.

What RAL is gun metal Grey?

This page shows RAL color 7024 called Graphite grey….RAL 7024 Graphite grey.

Dutch: Grafietgrijs
Spanish: Gris grafita

Are there metallic RAL Colours?

RAL EFFECT is another product line from RAL. The color collection contains 70 Metallic colors that harmonize with the 420 solid colors. The solid colors are based on waterborne paint systems, the 70 metallic colors are based on acrylic paints.

What Colour is Silver Grey?

Silver or metallic gray is a color tone resembling gray that is a representation of the color of polished silver.

What Colour is Silver GREY?

What colors make gun metal Grey?

Information about Gunmetal Gray / #8D918D In a RGB color space (made from three colored lights for red, green, and blue), hex #8D918D is made of 55.3% red, 56.9% green and 55.3% blue.

What colors are in gun metal?

Definition of gunmetal any of various alloys or metallic substances with a dark gray or blackish color or finish, used for chains, belt buckles, etc. Also called gunmetal gray . a dark gray with bluish or purplish tinge.

How do I find the RAL number in paint?

We recommend using the RAL colour matching system since it is widely used in our industry and throughout Europe….Using free apps to find the RAL colour of anything

  1. Adobe Capture (Android and iOS, requires a free Adobe account)
  2. ColorPicker (iOS only, free)
  3. Color Harmony (Android only)
  4. RAL iColours (iOS only, paid)

Are RAL Colours matt or gloss?

semi matt
RAL Design – 1825 colours All colours are in a semi matt finish. These you recognise by the 7 digit number(s).