What is the purpose of a diagnostic wax-up?

A diagnostic wax-up is a dental diagnostic procedure in which planned restorations are developed in wax on a diagnostic cast to determine optimal clinical and laboratory procedures necessary to achieve the desired esthetics and function.

What is the ADA code for wax-up?


SNOMED code 284719007
name Diagnostic wax-up of teeth
status active
date introduced 2002-01-31
fully specified name(s) Diagnostic wax-up of teeth (procedure)

When is a diagnostic wax-up suggested?

To diagnose potential problems. To identify the solutions. To design tooth shapes and arch forms before treating a tooth. To diagnose if and how worn teeth can be rebuilt.

Do dentists do wax ups?

To do a dental diagnostic wax-up, the dentist will take an impression of your mouth in wax. Then, the dentist will use the wax-up as a guide to show where the implants need to be placed.

What are dental diagnostic casts used for?

The diagnostic cast helps the dentist to evaluate the condition of the patient’s oral condition and for the diagnostic purposes. Casts may also be used as education tools for dentists as they explain characteristics of a patient’s bite or particular dental needs.

What are diagnostic casts used for?

Such diagnostic casts are often referred to as study models. Casts of this type are frequently used by orthodontists to visualize the current and adjusting bite of a patient, and by implant specialists to ensure the proper placement of an implant for good bite structure.

What is a diagnostic cast dental?

A diagnostic dental cast is a cast model of a person’s teeth that a dental professional uses as a guide in the application of corrective or restorative dentistry. Such diagnostic casts are often referred to as study models.

What is dental Code D9951?

The occlusal adjustment-limited code (D9951) is frequently used to identify a single-visit procedure that addresses only a specific tooth, site or quadrant. Discing, odontoplasty, and enamoplasty are the most frequent single-visit procedures.

What is a diagnostic cast in dental?