What is the plastic limit of black cotton soil?

The test shows the Liquid limit for BC Soil samples are ranging 55-60 and Plastic Limit for the same ranges 30-40. Thus Plasticity Index of BC Soil found to the range of 20-35. At the liquid limit, the volume change is of the order of 200 to 300% and results in swelling pressure as high as 8 kg/cm2 to 10 kg/cm2.

What is the composition of black cotton soil?

Black cotton soil consists of clay minerals like Montmorrilonite, Illite and Kaolinite, chemicals like iron oxide and calcium carbonate (in the form of kankars), and organic matter like humus. Montmorrilonite is the predominant mineral of Black cotton soils.

What are the properties of black cotton soil?

Black Cotton Soil | Black Cotton Soil Properties | Types of Foundation In Black Cotton Soil | Black Cotton Soil Definition….Black Cotton Soil Engineering Properties.

Property Value
Plastic Limit ( 20 – 60 %)
Specific Gravity 2.60 – 2.75
Maximum Dry Density ( 20 – 35 %)
Compression Index 0.2 – 0.5

What is the range of plasticity index of soil?

8.5 Calculation of the plasticity index and its significance

Category Soil PI (percentage)
I Sand or silt traces of clay little clay 1-5
II Clay loam 10-20
III Silty clay Clay 20-35

Is code for black cotton soil?

The Black cotton soil (BC soil) having characteristics as given in Table 1. OPC 43 grade as per IS:8112- 1989. Well graded granular moorum having minimum 4 day soaked CBR of 10% and maximum laboratory dry unit weight when tested as per IS:2720 (Part-8) shall not be less than 17.50 kN/m3.

What is the limit of plasticity index for basis in mechanical soil stabilization?

Typically specifications limit the plasticity index of a soil to no more than 10-12 to ensure a stable material.

What are the chemical composition of black soil?

A typical black soil is highly argillaceous with a large clay factor, 62 per cent or more, without gravel or coarse sand. It also contains 10 per cent of alumina, 9-10 per cent of iron oxide and 6-8 percent of lime and magnesium carbonates.

What is plasticity chart?

Plasticity chart is a graph between plasticity index (IP) and liquid limit (WL) in percentage which is used for classification of fine-grained soils as per the Indian Standard Soil Classification System(ISSCS). If more than 50% percent of soil passes through 75micron sieve, then it is classified as fine-grained soil.

What type of soil is black cotton soil?

heavy clay soil
Black cotton soil is heavy clay soil, varying from clay to loam; it is generally light to dark grey in colour. Cotton grows in this kind of soil. The soil prevails generally in central and southern parts of India.

What is plasticity index formula?

The plasticity index is a range of moisture in which a soil remains in a plastic state while passing from a semisolid state to liquid state. Numerical difference between Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit of a soil (PI = LL – PL) using Tex-106-E.

When the plasticity index of a soil is zero?

The plasticity index for soil is generally zero for gravels and sands.

What is OMC of black cotton soil?

The maximum dry density and optimum moisture content of Black Cotton soil is 14.74kN/m3 and 31.00% respectively. The maximum dry density of lime treated Black cotton soil and fly ash mixture treated with Calcium carbonate and Magnesium carbonate is 14.90kN/m3 and 12.16kN/m3 respectively.