What is the outer layer of the brain called cortex?

What is the Cerebral Cortex? The cerebral cortex is the outermost layer of the brain that is associated with our highest mental capabilities. The cerebral cortex is primarily constructed of grey matter (neural tissue that is made up of neurons), with between 14 and 16 billion neurons being found here.

What does the PFC do?

The prefrontal cortex (PFC) plays a central role in cognitive control functions, and dopamine in the PFC modulates cognitive control, thereby influencing attention, impulse inhibition, prospective memory, and cognitive flexibility.

What is the medulla?

Your medulla oblongata is the bottom-most part of your brain. Its location means it’s where your brain and spinal cord connect, making it a key conduit for nerve signals to and from your body. It also helps control vital processes like your heartbeat, breathing and blood pressure.

What is DURA?

Introduction. The dura mater often gets referred to as merely the dura. It is one of the layers of connective tissue that make up the meninges of the brain (pia, arachnoid, and dura, from inside to outside). It is the outermost layer of the three meninges that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.

Why is it called prefrontal cortex?

Prefrontal cortex is named as such because it’s before (or in front of) prefrontal lobe.

What is another name for the somatosensory cortex?

Benefits. The somatosensory cortex is a part of your brain that receives and processes sensory information from the entire body. Other names of somatosensory cortex include somesthetic area and somatic sensory area.

What is the other name of medulla?

medulla oblongata, also called medulla, the lowest part of the brain and the lowest portion of the brainstem.

What is a pons?

Listen to pronunciation. (ponz) Part of the central nervous system, located at the base of the brain, between the medulla oblongata and the midbrain. It is part of the brainstem.

What is dura mater and pia mater?

Three layers of membranes known as meninges protect the brain and spinal cord. The delicate inner layer is the pia mater. The middle layer is the arachnoid, a web-like structure filled with fluid that cushions the brain. The tough outer layer is called the dura mater.

Why is it called arachnoid mater?

The arachnoid mater, named for its spiderweb-like appearance, is a thin, transparent membrane surrounding the spinal cord like a loosely fitting sac.

What is the prefrontal cortex quizlet?

Prefrontal Cortex. “executive functions” responsible for formulating plans & strategies along with a person’ personality. “orchestration of thoughts and actions in accordance with internal goals”