What is the net worth of South Sudan?

$73 million (31 December 2016 est.) All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars. The economy of South Sudan is one of the most oil dependent economies in the world, despite being endowed with bountiful natural resources.

Is South Sudan the poorest country?

Although South Sudan falls high on the poverty scale, the country has many natural resources. The Nile River, petroleum, marble/dolomite, aluminum, iron ore and gold stand as the nation’s major natural resources. Of these resources, oil fuels the country’s economy, with outside investors dominating the sector.

What is the poverty line in South Sudan?

South Sudan is expansive, largely rural, yet widely depopulated. Almost 83 percent of the population resides in rural areas. Poverty is endemic with at least 80 percent of the population defined as income-poor and living on n equivalent of less than US$1 per day.

Why was SPLM formed?

The SPLM as a rebel movement was formed on 16 May 1983, after the Sudan government’s abandonment of the Addis Ababa agreement signed between the Gaafar Nimeiry government and the Anyanya leader Joseph Lagu, who had first introduced the Southern Sudanese to the effective political, economic, social, educational, and …

Who is the richest guy in South Sudan?

Mohammed “Mo” Ibrahim (Arabic: محمد إبراهيم; born 3 May 1946) is a Sudanese-British billionaire businessman.

Who’s the richest man in South Sudan?

Lawrence Lual Malong Jr.
These are the richest businessmen in South Sudan The richest man in South Sudan is Lawrence Lual Malong Jr. According to Forbe Magazine report, he is worth $2.4 Billion.

What is the average income in South Sudan?


South Sudan United States
Unemployment rate: 13.9 % 5.5 %
Inflation rate: 29.68 % 4.70 %
Commercial taxes and contributions: 31.40 % 36.60 %
Average income: 460 US$ 64,140 US$

Who is the founder of SPLM?

John Garang
Kerubino Kuanyin Bol
Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Founders

What is SPLM vision?

The SPLM is the political movement charged with providing the vision, guidance and leadership for the achievement and consolidation of the New Sudan. All other structures of the liberation movement, including the SPLA, shall be part of the SPLM and subordinated to it.