What is the most valuable MTG card?

Alpha Black Lotus autographed
Peak price: $511,100 An Alpha Black Lotus autographed by designer and artist Christopher Rush ranks as the most valuable Magic: The Gathering card of all time, fetching over half a million dolalrs at auction.

Which Magic card sets are worth money?

Top 10 Magic the Gathering Card Values

  • Alpha Edition Black Border Magic the Gathering Cards. The #1 most valuable is Black Lotus with a value of $28,000-35,000.
  • Magic the Gathering Card Values #2: Ancestral Recall. The #2 most valuable has a value of around $20,000.
  • Magic the Gathering Card Values #3: Mox Sapphire.

What 2020 Magic cards are worth money?

MTG Core Set 2020 cards worth money

  • Veil of Summer.
  • Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord.
  • Field of the Dead.
  • Yarok, the Desecrated.
  • Elvish Reclaimer.
  • Cavalier of Thorns.
  • Ajani, Strength of the Pride.
  • Chandra, Awakened Inferno.

What old Magic cards are worth money?

15 Most Valuable Magic: The Gathering Cards

  1. 1 Black Lotus. The undisputed king of the Magic: The Gathering cards in terms of dollar value is the original Black Lotus.
  2. 2 Ancestral Recall.
  3. 3 Mox Sapphire.
  4. 4 Underground Sea.
  5. 5 Mox Jet.
  6. 6 Tropical Island.
  7. 7 Time Vault.
  8. 8 Wheel of Fortune.

How do I know if my Magic cards are worth money?

Almost all cards will have an expansion set symbol on it to help you identify it. The colour of this symbol will tell you what rarity the card is; common = black, uncommon = silver, rare = gold, mythic = orange-red / bronze. Foil cards will still have the coloured symbol from the rarity of the non-foil version.

Why is Alpha Black Lotus so expensive?

Black Lotus is usually considered to be the most valuable non-promotional Magic card ever printed. Its Alpha and Beta versions in particular are considered to be extremely valuable, due to the more limited print runs and black borders of those sets.

How many PSA 10 Black Lotus are there?

It is one of seven PSA 10 Gem Mint Alpha Black Lotus cards in existence, and as of the updated publication of this article, the high bidder sits at $310,300.