What is the most valuable junk in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4: 10 Junk Items You Should Never Leave Behind

  1. 1 Gold Watch. One can hardly consider Gold to be junk due to its high traditional value.
  2. 2 Microscope.
  3. 3 Crystal Liquid Decanter.
  4. 4 Military Grade Items.
  5. 5 Cigarette Carton.
  6. 6 Toothpaste.
  7. 7 Makeshift Batteries.
  8. 8 Telephones.

Should I scrap everything Fallout 4?

Yes, scrapping junk has its purpose, and while it can be a tedious activity at times, it’s worth it in the end. However, while looting The Commonwealth, items will be encountered that will make you choose between selling or scrapping them.

What do you do with all the junk in Fallout 4?

After accessing the inventory on a workbench or crafting station at an allied settlement, all junk items can automatically be transferred into the workbench and are available for crafting at the settlement, as well as all settlements connected to it via a supply line.

What items give you circuitry in Fallout 4?


Item Scrap WT
Sabotaged Turbopump Bearings x1 Circuitry, x3 Aluminum 0
Sensor Module x5 Circuitry, x2 Copper, x1 Steel 2
Sweeper x2 Circuitry, x3 Aluminum, x2 Nuclear Material 4
Telephone x2 Circuitry, x1 Copper, x2 Fiberglass 3

How do I get circuitry fallout?

Circuitry can be found by killing some robotic enemies, but it can also be found in junk items. To get circuitry in Fallout 76 you will want to keep an eye out for the more common items like telephones and hot plates.

What should I not scrap in Fallout 4?

Any items marked as junk you can place in your workbench and they’ll be broken down eventually. Armor, Weapon, and Chem crafting never requires base items such as junk items and only their materials. You probably don’t want to scrap weapons unless you REALLY need 3 metal off of that legendary weapon, heh.

Does junk transfer between workshops Fallout 4?

note that it only shares the supply of junk and not anything else stored in the workshops. Honestly I wish it worked for proper items too, from what I’ve heard it won’t let you transfer over your stockpile of weapons and armor and assorted goodies for personal use.

Can you craft ammo Fallout 4?

Building an Ammunition Plant in Fallout 4 will allow players to start producing their own bullets, rather than scavenging for it in the Commonwealth.

Can I sell my MISC in Fallout 4?

Question: do you have to keep miscellaneous items to keep their bonuses or can you sell them? you can sell them and you keep the stats. You can sell them. But lotsa people keep them and put them in magazine racks as trophies, and the bobbleheads have a stand that you can build.

Where can you find a circuit board in Fallout 4?

Found on the desk next to the terminal in the lower level of USAF Satellite Station Olivia. Can also be found on military based robots and boats. Two can be found inside Wattz Consumer Electronics. A few can also be found in Robotics disposal ground.