What is the most popular width for hardwood floors?

5-inch wide
These days, the standard width in hardwood flooring is the 4- or 5-inch wide plank. Curious minds may know that the standard has grown wider with time. These widths are often the go-to because the boards can fit nicely and effectively in most rooms.

What is random width flooring?

With random width hardwood flooring, you utilize planks that are of varying widths to give your room texture and a unique design. Today, this style is making a big comeback in spaces where designers and homeowners are trying to make traditional design elements a little more modern.

Should hardwood floors lay length or width?

If you have a room that is narrower than it is long, it can end up feeling closed in. Laying hardwood flooring vertically in this situation would make the illusion even worse. To combat this problem, lay the flooring horizontally. This draws the eye from side to side, instead of down the length of the room.

Are 9 inch planks too wide?

In small spaces, it can make the room seem even smaller. If you do want a wider plank to create a dramatic look in a smaller area, it would be best to select a light shade and stick with one no wider than 8 inches. The widest planks are also more susceptible to warping, a common problem with hardwood floors.

Do wide planks make room look bigger?

Wider planks can work to make your room look bigger. They can also be more affordable because you need fewer of them. Larger tiles provide depth: A newly popular type of flooring is luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Can you mix hardwood floor widths?

If a consumer can’t decide between wide or narrow, mixed width might be a great option, such as Shaw’s Repel Hardwood Landmark collection. Narrow, wide, long or short, hardwood planks can be cut into all shapes and sizes, and in some cases even be mixed together.

How do you do a random floor pattern?

To do this, start the first row with a full plank, install the row, cut the last plank to length and save the off-cut. Cut two more fresh boards to start the next two rows, but from the fourth row on, start using the offcuts from previous rows. This randomizes the layout without creating a step pattern.

What is the correct direction to lay hardwood floors?

The most common way to lay hardwood flooring is by aligning the planks parallel to the longest wall. Apart from a few exceptions like sagging joists, this is the preferred direction to lay wood floors because it aesthetically provides the best result.

How do you stagger hardwood floors?

The basic rule to remember for creating a strong stagger is that all planks should overlap by 6 inches or more. This means that the short joint between planks should be at least 6 inches away from the nearest joint in any adjacent row. This type of stagger will lock the flooring tightly together.

What width flooring is best?

Stick with thin widths for a classic wood floor: If you’re a traditionalist, planks between 2 ΒΌ inches and 3 inches are most common in homes and give you that classic hardwood floor appearance. Go wide if you love character: Wider floorboards of 5 to 12 inches reveal a wood’s character, including grain and knots.

Are wide plank floors in style?

Wide plank hardwood floors are becoming increasingly popular both in new homes and in renovated spaces. They have a keen ability to add visual interest and a sense of space in both contemporary and traditional/rustic settings.