What is the most beautiful part of Mallorca?

Fornalutx. If you stay by the coast you’ll never see it, but Fornalutx is regarded by many as the most beautiful village on Mallorca, and one of the most stunning in Spain. You’ll find it deep in the Sierra de Tramuntana, with winding streets, narrow stone steps, and flowers and greenery everywhere.

Which coast is the best in Mallorca?

The best beaches in Mallorca

  • Cala Deià A winding single-lane road leads from the village of Deià to a pretty pebble beach sheltered by wooded escarpments.
  • Cala Mondragó
  • Cala Torta.

What is the longest beach in Mallorca?

Playa de Alcudia Playa de Alcúdia
Playa de Alcudia Playa de Alcúdia is Mallorca’s longest beach and is among the best developed areas for holiday resorts and hotels in every price range.

What is the most beautiful town in Mallorca?

Valldemossa. This town, nestled between the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana, is a must for all those who have decided to travel to Majorca. Valldemossa is the typical fairy tale village and many consider it the most beautiful village not only in Majorca, but also in Spain.

Where is the nicest beach in Majorca?

16 Best Beaches in Mallorca

  1. Cala Mesquida. Crystal-clear water at Cala Mesquida.
  2. Es Calo del Moro. The stunning beach at Calo del Moro.
  3. S’Amarador. S’Amarador in Mondrago Natural Park.
  4. Cala Formentor. Cala Formentor.
  5. Magaluf. Aerial view of Magaluf.
  6. Sa Calobra. Sa Calobra.
  7. Cala Pi. Secluded Cala Pi beach.
  8. Cala Banyalbufar.

Is Mallorca a chavvy?

In response to the title of your post, no, Majorca is not for ‘chavs’, and if you were to read the articulate and intelligent postings from some of the regular contributors to this forum, it would quickly become apparent that many people who know and love this island are quite clearly at the opposite end of the social …

Are there sharks in Mallorca?

It’s the dwarf lantern shark, and it fits in the palm of your hand. Forty-seven species of sharks roam the Balearic waters. However, since only one fatal shark attack was ever reported around the islands, and it happened over a hundred years ago, you can relax.

What sea life is in Mallorca?

“The sea around Mallorca is home to many marine animal species like stingrays, groupers, octopuses and lots of echinoderms etc. But the true beauty lies in something only few tourists acknowledge and will see during their dive trips. The loggerhead sea turtle is a rare sight but surely a beautiful one!