What is the meaning of the lyrics in Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

Just before her dream takes her to Oz, “Over the Rainbow” captures Dorothy in the depths of loneliness and longing, wishing for pretty things, rainbows, and lemon drops—basically, she’d like to be anywhere but Kansas. There was also a subtext to Dorothy’s Kansas lament that was especially relevant to the late 1930s.

Who wrote Somewhere Over the Rainbow original lyrics?

Harold ArlenOver The Rainbow / ComposerHarold Arlen was an American composer of popular music, who composed over 500 songs, a number of which have become known worldwide. In addition to composing the songs for the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, including “Over the Rainbow”, Arlen is a highly regarded contributor to the Great American Songbook. Wikipedia

Is Somewhere Over the Rainbow a good funeral song?

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is a timeless song that is often played at funerals and memorials. The wistful lyrics pine for a happier time and place, mirroring the emotions of many mourners.

What is the most famous version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole (1993) Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s cheerful mashup of “Over the Rainbow” and Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” is one of the most recognizable covers of the song, appearing in several movies and TV shows.

What is the meaning behind the song rainbow?

“’Rainbow’ was the beginning of me turning that around and being kind to myself. It is a reminder that I can make it through anything. I hope this song exudes hope and self-love, because each of us deserves it,” she said.

Is Over the Rainbow about death?

This song may not necessarily be about death. But the meaning of it is treasuring what is important in life. And that is why the lyrics relate well to those who have lost a loved one. The song tells the people that death is not the end of a voyage.

Who originally sang the song Over the Rainbow?

Judy Garland
Judy Garland first recorded “Over the Rainbow” on the MGM soundstages on October 7, 1938, using an arrangement by Murray Cutter. A studio recording of the song, not from the actual film soundtrack, was recorded and released as a single by Decca Records in September of 1939.

Is over the rainbow about death?

Was Over the Rainbow written for The Wizard of Oz?

“Over the Rainbow” was written for the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, and was sung by actress Judy Garland in her starring role. With music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E. Y.

How much did Izzy weigh when he died?

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole: The Voice Of Hawaii The late Hawaiian musician known best for his ukulele-backed rendition of “Over the Rainbow” was a man with a standout voice and tremendous size. At more than 6 feet tall and weighing close to 1,000 pounds, “IZ” died when he was only 38.