What is the meaning of Kinaray-a?

The Karay-a language (Kinaray-a, Binisayâ nga Kinaray-a or Hinaraya; English: Harayan) is an Austronesian regional language spoken by the Karay-a people, mainly in Antique in the Philippines, Iloilo and other provinces on the island of Panay, as well as portions of the Soccsksargen region in Mindanao. Karay-a.

Is Kinaray-a language?

Kinaray-a is one of the Visayan languages and is spoken mainly in Antique province in the Philippines. Some native speakers are also found in southern Iloilo province.

How do you say I love you in Kinaray-a?

Ginagugma ta ‘kaw, that means “I love you,” in kinaray-a, but we should all learn to say that more in any language or dialect.

How Kinaray-a came to existence?

They were first believed to be the descendants of immigrants from Borneo, through the epic-myth of the “Ten Bornean Datus”. Recent findings, however, revealed that the ancestors of the Karay-a are the Austronesian-speaking immigrants who came from South China during the Iron Age.

What is the dialect of Capiz?

Capiznon language
Capiznon or Capiceño (Bisaya nga Kinapisnon) is an Austronesian regional language spoken in Western Visayas in the Philippines. Capiznon is concentrated in the province of Capiz in the northeast of Panay Island.

What are the different varieties of Kinaray-a that you know?


  • Anini-y.
  • Tobias Fornier.
  • Hamtic.
  • San Jose.
  • Belison.
  • Sibalom.
  • San Remigio.
  • Patnongon.

How do you describe the Kinaray-a ethnic group?

The name “Kinaray-a” refers to both the ethnic group and their language that are concentrated in the provinces of Antique and Iloilo. It is derived from the word iraya meaning “upstream” and known as “the language of the sacada and the muchacho” (Ani 19:12).

What is Halong in Ilonggo?

Hiligaynon. To handle with care, treat tenderly, prize, appreciate, cherish.

What is meaning of Gihigugma Tika?

I love you
I love you (phrase.)