What is the hottest day ever recorded in Perth WA?

Dr Kala says it shows the global climate is warming rapidly. The hottest Perth day on record was 46.2C on February 23, 1991.

When was the last hottest day in Perth?

Perth – Highest Temperature for Each Year

Max °F Date Max °C
106 December 22, 2018 41
110 January 04, 2017 43
109 January 07, 2016 43
112 January 05, 2015 44

Why has it been so hot in Perth?

What’s driving this heatwave? Easterly winds travelling over the hot, dry desert bring very hot, dry weather conditions to Perth. These winds are brought about by “anti-cyclones” (or high pressure systems), which are a prominent feature of Perth weather, and we see these almost every day in our weather charts.

What was the deadliest heat wave in the US?

The 1936 North American heat wave was one of the most severe heat waves in the modern history of North America. It took place in the middle of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl of the 1930s and caused catastrophic human suffering and an enormous economic toll.

Has Australia ever had 50 degrees?

“In the past, Australia has only recorded temperatures above 50 degrees on three occasions: the most recent being Mardie in Western Australia’s Pilbara region in 1998, and Oodnadatta in South Australia, which reached 50 degrees twice in 1960 and still holds the record of 50.7C set in January of that year.”

Is Perth the hottest city in Australia?

Earning itself the title of ‘hottest capital city in Australia’, Perth had its hottest January on record, hitting six consecutive days above 40C.

Is Perth or Sydney hotter?

The temperatures in Sydney are much more comfortable for a day out, with average temperatures of 26.6°C over the past 116 years. Sydney has only experienced 2 Australia Days above 40°C and 13 above 30°C compared with 61 and 4 for Perth respectively.

Has it ever snowed in Perth Australia?

While snow has never been recorded in the Perth CBD, light snowfalls have been reported in outer suburbs of Perth in the Perth Hills around Kalamunda, Roleystone and Mundaring. The most recent snowfall was in 1968.

Is Perth sinking?

The city appears to be sinking at a rate of between 2mm and 6mm a year, variable throughout the Perth basin. The greatest change was measured at the seaside suburb of Hillarys, which has a GPS sensor to measure the rate of subsidence and a tidal marker operating side by side.

What is Australia’s hottest day on record?

Australia has equalled its hottest day on record after a remote coastal town reported temperatures of 50.7C (123.26F). The temperature in Onslow, Western Australia, on Thursday matched a record set in 1962 in South Australia.