What is the genotype of TTRr?

Let the gene for red-flowered be represented by ‘R’ and that of white-flowered be represented by gene ‘r’. Then, the genotypes of the parents would be Heterozygous tall, red-flowered- TTRr and Homozygous dwarf, white-flowered – ttrr. So the percentage of tall red flowers in the cross between TTRr and ttrr is ‘50%’.

What gametes can AaBbCc produce?

Explanation: A plant having genotype AABbCC will produce only two types of gametes, ABC and AbC.

What type of gametes are formed from a plant of genotype TT RR?

The plant with the RR:TT genotype produces haploid sex gametes that have the genes R:T. The plant with the rr:tt genotype produces haploid sex gametes that have the genes r:t.

How many gametes are formed in AaBbCcDd?

The given genotype AaBbCcDd is heterozygous for 4 genes and can make 24= 16 types of gametes.

Which is correct about the gametes produced by TtRr?

Since given genotype TtRr is heterozygous for two genes, thus total possible gametes by it = 22=4.

When TtRr is crossed with TtRr the f1 phenotypic and genotypic ratio would be?

the correct answer is ‘1:1:1:1’.

How many alleles are in AaBbCc?

So, it results in the production of 22= 4 types of gametes. These types of genotypes that are ABC, ABc, AbC, and Abc will be found in the gametes. Thus the number of gametes produced by the plant having the genotype AABbCc is four.

How many types of gametes can be produced by YyRr?

After fertilisation, the F1 heterozygote will be formed i.e YyRr (yellow and round). On selfing F1 we get two possible combinations i.e YR, Yr, yR, yr. Therefore four types of gametes are formed in the ratio of 1:1:1:1. Thus, the correct answer is option D.

How many type’s of gametes is are produced by a homozygous recessive parent?

1 gametes
Only 1 gametes is produced by homozygous individual.

Is RR heterozygous or homozygous?

Humans have two sets of chromosomes. Homozygous and heterozygous are terms that are used to describe allele pairs. Individuals carrying two identical alleles (RR or rr) are known as homozygous. While individual organisms bearing different alleles (Rr) are known as heterozygous.

How many types of gametes are found in F1 progeny of cross between AaBbCC and AaBbCC?

Therefore, types of gametes possible is 23=8.

How many different gametes genotypes are possible from the diploid genotypes of A +/ A B B C +/ C D D?

The number of different possible gametes produced by the diploid genotype (AaBbCcDdEe) is 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 32 (2 for each pair of heterozygous genes).