What is the full cost of the Luminess breeze?

Membership is only $9 a month and your first month is FREE! Then your monthly membership fee will be conveniently billed every 30 days to the credit card on file. Cancel at any time by contacting Customer Service at 1-888-793-7474 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm CT).

Can I use my own foundation with Luminess air?

Not everyone will be on board with this, but YES, you can use a regular liquid foundation in an airbrush machine. In fact, according to airbrushmakeup. top, standard liquid makeup of any kind is usable with this tool for as long as it’s properly thinned.

Is Luminess a gimmick?

the process is a scam that makes it look like a one time payment but is actually multiple and then it automatically signs you up for a monthly club at another monthly fee. None of this is obvious to the consumer as it should be.

Is airbrush makeup good for mature skin?

Mature skin is better off with traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup can fall into fine lines and wrinkles easily. Traditional makeup offers more emollient formulas to give a more youthful look for this type of skin.

How much is Luminess breeze after the 30 days?

Breeze Airbrush makeup System | LUMINESS. *30 DAY TRIAL $19.95 INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING! After 30 days, the Luminess System is yours for only 4 easy monthly payments of $39.99 plus processing fee.

What is the rating on Luminess?

Luminess has a consumer rating of 3.39 stars from 304 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Luminess most frequently mention skin tone, eye shadow and great product. Luminess ranks 15th among Cosmetics sites.

Who owns Luminess silk?

OUR FOUNDING STORY. Nearly 25 years ago, innovator, artist, and entrepreneur Sean Mehta had a thriving fashion and garment business as one of the largest importers of beaded gowns in the United States. During photoshoots for each fashion collection, he noticed something.