What is the English word of Chenda melam?

A “Chenda Melam” means percussion using Chenda. The Chenda is used as a percussion instrument for almost all Kerala art forms like Kathakali, Kodiyattam, Theyyam etc.

How long will it take to learn chenda?

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN CHENDA BA Madhalam is a bachelor level course with duration of 3 years. The Chenda is a barrel-shaped percussion instrument utilized generally in the territory of Kerala, Tulu Nadu of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in India.

What is the chenda used for?

The chenda is used as an accompaniment for Kathakali, Koodiyattam, Kannyar Kali, Theyyam and among many forms of dances and rituals in Kerala. It is also played in a dance-drama called Yakshagana (Tenku Thittu) which is popular in Tulu Nadu in Karnataka.

How is chenda made?

“It is made using the wood of jackfruit. After it’s cut off, it is left to dry for almost a year. By then the maker will know which part of it is good to be used for making chenda. Then, it is made hollow inside and polish it to perfection.

What is Asura Vadyam?

Chenda is an ancient musical instrument. It has been in use since prehistorical times. Traditionally , it was called as ‘Asura Vadyam ‘. The Chanda is a cylindrical percussion instrument used widely in the state of Kerala. Its presence was first discovered in Hindu mythologies.

What is the sound of Chenda?

This instrument is famous for its loud and rigid sound. A Chenda has two sides, the left side called “Edamthala” and the right side “Valamthala” . The “Edamthala” is made of only one/two layer of cow skin and the “Valamthala” will have a five/seven layer skin, so as to have a bass sound.

Is chenda easy to learn?

As for the chenda, there is no easy way to learn it. Years of dedication and hard-work, Soorya says, is what awaits someone who wishes to master the chenda. “It is really difficult in the beginning. You have to practise on stone for long before you move to the chenda.

How much does a Chenda weigh?

General Chenda Large (Brown)

Product Width 14 cm
Product Height 21 cm
Product Weight 0.75 kg

What kind of instrument is Chenda?

percussion instrument
Chenda is a percussion instrument made of wood, parchment and leather. A temple instrument found in Kerala. It is an essential accompaniment for the Kathakali dance of Kerala, also used during temple rituals etc.

Which is the vibrating part of Chenda?

Explanation: The main vibrating parts of a Chenda are the stretched membranes. They are made of dried cow skin and produce sound upon beating with the hand.