What is the difference between humba and adobo?

Humba is a specific dish usually restricted to pork belly, while adobo is a cooking process that can be used to cook a variety of ingredients from meat to vegetables. In the central and southern islands of the Philippines, both humba and adobo exist and are not confused with each other.

What is the taste of humba?

Humba is a dish of tender pork, salted black beans, and an assortment of spices. With its deep flavor palate and numerous ingredients, it is the perfect combination of sweet and savory –– two such flavors that Filipinos adore. Chinese-Filipino cuisine has been a part of our culture for decades.

Is humba sweet?

Humba, however, has a mildly sweet take from the addition of brown or muscovado sugar and/or pineapple. Another difference is the way they are cooked. Unlike Adobo, that you just put together and simmer until sauce thickens, Humba is cooked using the braising technique.

How do you make humba binisaya?


  1. Heat a wok or pan.
  2. Heat around 3 tablespoons of oil.
  3. Add the pork back into the wok and pour-in soy sauce.
  4. Add vinegar.
  5. Pour clear soft drinks into the wok.
  6. Add crushed peppercorn.
  7. Add banana blossoms and salted black beans.
  8. Add brown sugar.

What is humba in English?

Humba. Humbà, also spelled hombà, is a Filipino braised pork dish originating from the Visayas Islands of the Philippines. It traditionally uses pork belly slow-cooked until very tender in soy sauce, vinegar, black peppercorns, garlic, bay leaves, and fermented black beans (tausi) sweetened with muscovado sugar.

Can I use dried lily flower for humba?

For this dish, I added a personal favorite, dried lily flowers, which I believe makes this dish more tasty and delicious. No matter what variation is used to make this dish, one thing is for sure, humba is a dish that is loved by many!

What are adobo ingredients?

Adobo is a seasoning. There are wet and dry versions, containing similar ingredients. The most popular version is the dry seasoning mix, made from garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, salt, pepper, and sometimes dried citrus. The idea of adobo flavoring has been adapted and developed commercially.

What is Hong Ma?

Hong Ma is a Filipino Chinese dish of pork belly braised on a sweet soy sauce mixture with shiitake mushrooms and Asian aromatics.

Is dried lily flower same as banana blossom?

The main difference is the addition of dried banana blossoms or, in my case, dried lily flowers (because it is more readily available here). Like Adobo, it has different versions. Some lean towards the sweeter side which calls for more brown sugar and some add more soy sauce for a saltier taste.