What is the difference between a tenor trombone and a alto trombone?

The Alto Trombone is a fourth higher than the tenor trombone, in the key of Eb. It has a smaller bell and bore size, proportional to the reduced tube length.

Is trombone an alto or tenor?

There are many different types of trombone. The most frequently encountered trombones today are the tenor and bass, though as with other Renaissance instruments such as the recorder, the trombone has been built in every size from piccolo to contrabass (see pitch of brass instruments).

What is the difference between a tenor trombone and a bass trombone?

Bass trombones feature a wider bore than tenor trombones, making it easier to to play low notes. In addition, they have a bigger bell. For these reasons, bass trombones produce a lower, mellower tone than tenor trombones.

Is a regular trombone a tenor trombone?

What is the basic style of Trombone? The basic trombone is the standard Bb Tenor Trombone. This straight trombone has been around since the early 17th century and its design hasn’t really changed; apart from it growing in size.

What is the most commonly played trombone?

Tenor trombone
The Tenor trombone, also known as a straight trombone, is the most common trombone and the preferred choice to learn on.

What key is tenor trombone in?

Tenor trombone The most common member of the trombone family. Pitched in the key of Bb, the tenor trombone is the most popular due to its size, timbre, and projection—and comes in a variety of sizes (small, medium and large).

What key does an alto trombone play in?

Pitched in the key of Eb, the alto trombone is not as common as tenor or bass but is still used in a variety of musical settings.

What key is tenor trombone?

Types of Trombone

Type Key Other Comments
Tenor Bb Ideal for starting on the trombone
Bass Bb/F/G Generally for the more experienced trombone player
Alto Eb Unless wanting to play only in orchestras, not recommended that you start on an alto trombone.

What kind of trombone should I get?

What is the best choice for beginners? Typically, students start with a straight tenor trombone and later graduate to a horn with the F-rotor, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. If you don’t use the trigger, the F-rotor horn plays exactly the same as a straight trombone.

How big is a tenor trombone?

Tenor trombone bells are usually between 7 and 9 in (18–23 cm) in diameter, the most common being sizes from 7+1⁄2 to 8+1⁄2 in (19–22 cm). The smallest sizes are found in small jazz trombones and older narrow-bore instruments, while the larger sizes are common in orchestral models.

What key is an alto trombone?