What is the current application domain?

The CurrentDomain property is used to obtain an AppDomain object that represents the current application domain. The FriendlyName property provides the name of the current application domain, which is then displayed at the command line.

What is .NET application domain?

An application domain is a logical isolation boundary created around . NET applications so that applications do not access or affect each other. It is a light-weight process having its own set of code, data, and configuration settings.

What is application domain example?

6.3. Application domains include banks, insurance companies, or hospitals. In this book, equipment management for a small software company is our main example. Internet applications have become increasingly important, especially for the home and entertainment domains.

What is a .NET class library?

. NET Framework Class Library is the collection of classes, namespaces, interfaces and value types that are used for . NET applications. It contains thousands of classes that supports the following functions. Base and user-defined data types.

What is Assembly C#?

C# Assembly is a standard library developed for . NET. Common Language Runtime, CLR, MSIL, Microsoft Intermediate Language, Just In Time Compilers, JIT, Framework Class Library, FCL, Common Language Specification, CLS, Common Type System, CTS, Garbage Collector, GC.

What is MarshalByRefObject?

MarshalByRefObject is the base class for objects that communicate across application domain boundaries by exchanging messages using a proxy. Objects that do not inherit from MarshalByRefObject are implicitly marshal by value.

What is Dot Net remoting?

NET remoting boundaries. With . NET remoting, client applications can be built that use objects in other processes on the same computer or on any other computer that is reachable over its network. The . NET remoting framework can also be used to communicate with other application domains in the same process.