What is the Comedk fees in RV College?

RVCE Bangalore – Info, Ranking, Cutoff & Placements 2022

Particulars Amount
Tuition Fee (per Year) ₹83,526 (KCET seat) ₹2,21,960 (COMEDK seat)

What is the highest marks in Comedk?

Answer. Hey there, Well many of the aspirants and websites are saying highest marks of COMEDK 2020 is 168 and is scored by Durbhya Aditya.

Which is the best college under Comedk?

R.V. College of Engineering Bangalore
Top 10 Engineering Colleges Under COMEDK

Rank Engineering Colleges Location
1 R.V. College of Engineering Bangalore
2 PES Institute of Technology Bangalore
3 BMS College of Engineering Bangalore
4 M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore

How many marks should I get in Comedk?

COMEDK UGET is conducted for admission in B. Tech….Good Score in COMEDK UGET 2022.

Very Good Score 140+
Good Score 110+
Average Score 60+
Low Score Below 40

What is the Comet Ke fees?

1,37,500, therefore the remaining amount is beyond RS. 50,000 that you can pay while taking admission in the university….COMEDK Fee Structure.

Discipline Annual tuition fee payable at the time of counseling
Medical (M.B.B.S) Rs.3,57,500/-
Dental B.D.S Rs.2,53,000/-
Engineering (B.E) or Architecture (B. Arch) Rs. 50,000/-

What rank is COMEDK RV college?

COMEDK UGET 2020- Previous Year Cut Off for Top Colleges

College Opening Rank Closing Rank
R.V. College of Engineering 41 11469
M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology 496 30706
BMS College of Engineering 152 16373
Bangalore Institute of Technology 25 17447

Is RV College better than Vit?

You should go for RVCE than VIT. RVCE is far better than VIT in terms of placement in cse. Average package for cse student in RVCE is 10lpa where as in VIT it is around 4-5lpa.so in terms of placement RVCE wins in large margin. RVCE is far better than VIT in terms of placement in cse.

Is 70 a good score in COMEDK?

In that case , you need a really good rank ( approx below 700–800) to be safe. You can check comedk site for last year cutoff. Translating the rank to marks can be difficult as it depends on the difficulty of paper set and the relative response of other candidates line you.

Why COMEDK fees is high?

Answer. I think the reason behind such a difference in the fees is competition in both the exams. It is a well known fact that there is much lesser competition in COMEDK than KCET. And getting the same COMEDK rank in KCET is not much easy as KCET considers class 12 marks also .

Is there any scholarship in COMEDK?

Is there any scholarship provided by the Karnataka government to COMEDK students? No. The government is no where in the picture for COMED-K. Its a consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental colleges of Karnataka.