What is the castle called in Lord of the Rings?

Other name(s) the Dark Tower (of Mordor) Lugbúrz (Black Speech)
Type Vast fortress and tower of Sauron
Ruler Sauron
Location At the end of an offshoot of the Ash Mountains in Mordor

What was the northern kingdom in Lord of the Rings?

Arnor, or the Northern Kingdom, was a kingdom of the Dúnedain in the land of Eriador in Middle-earth. It was the original seat of the High King of Arnor who ruled over both Arnor and Gondor.

What is the fortress in the Hobbit?

Dol Guldur

Dol Guldur
Other name(s) Amon Lanc
Type Hilltop fortress
Ruler Sauron
Location south-west Mirkwood

Is Númenor a Gondor?

A Description of the Island of Númenor, published in Unfinished Tales, was supposedly derived from the archives of Gondor. The island of Númenor was in the Great Sea, closer to Aman in the West than to the continent of Middle-earth in the east.

Is Gondor Castle real?

Michel, a fortified Catholic monastery that was built on a lonely island off the coast of northern France. The mysterious monastery was used as a primary inspiration for the city of Minas Tirith, the capital city of Gondor in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth.

Where is the real Minas Tirith?

Minas Tirith
Location Easternmost point of the White Mountains, close to Anduin
Type City
Description White city of seven levels
People and History

Is Rohan part of Arnor?

No: Arnor, Gondor, and Rohan are all separate countries.

Is Gondor and Arnor the same?

Arnor was founded in SA 3320 by Elendil, the sister kingdom to the southern realm of Gondor founded by his sons. The history of the two kingdoms are intertwined; both kingdoms are known as the Realms of the Dúnedain in Exile.

Is Helm’s Deep a real place?

Tolkien based Helm’s Deep on England’s Cheddar Gorge, and the Glittering Caves of Aglarond on the cave complex that he had visited there.

What is Strider’s real name?

Aragorn II

Full name Aragorn II
Aliases Elessar (“Elfstone”) Telcontar (“Strider”) Thorongil (“Eagle of the Star”) Estel (“Hope”)
Race Men
Affiliation Dúnedain; Rangers of the North; Fellowship of the Ring