What is the best time to visit Ananthagiri Hills?

The best time to visit Ananthagiri Hills, Telangana is November, December, January, February and March. Since this is the peak season expect a little crowd during this time. July, August, September and October period experiences moderate weather.

What is special in Ananthagiri Hills?

The hills are the main water source for Osmansagar and Himayathsagar. It is considered as one of the dense forests in Telangana region. Ananthagiri has a famous temple located in this forested region, which is also the birthplace of Musi River.

Is it worth visiting Ananthagiri Hills?

The picturesque Ananthagiri Hills is a very peaceful place known for its gorgeous waterfalls and coffee plantation covered hills. It is also a religious hotspot because of the famous Anantha padmanabha swamy temple . Definitely a place worth visiting for nature lovers .

Can we visit Ananthagiri hills now?

The splendid Ananthagiri waterfalls is located in the Eastern Ghats range, which is approximately 6 km away from Vikarabad, and 80 km from Hyderabad. Address: Vikarabad District, Telangana, India. Timings: The Ananthagiri Hills are open whenever you wish to visit them.

How do I plan for Ananthagiri Hills?

Ananthagiri hills can be reached via mehdipattanam -> chilkur and Vikarabad ->Ananthagiri hills. After you cross Vikarabad bus stand to your left, You need to take a left turn towards tandur and reach Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple. Approximately around 80 kms from hyd, the location is nice. Temple is peaceful.

Which is the coldest place in Telangana?

Lowest temperatures in Telangana The lowest temperature in Telangana state was recorded in Adilabad at 5.7 degrees Celsius, followed by Kumram Bheem Asifabad at 6.1 degrees Celsius, Mancherial at 7.9 degrees Celsius, Sanagareddy at 8.2 degree Celsius, and Medchal-Malkajgiri at 8.6 degree Celsius.

Is Ananthagiri hills good in summer?

Ananthagiri Hills in Summer (April – June) This season is not ideal to travel to Ananthagiri Hills and should be avoided. During this time of the year, the waterfalls and other water bodies are not bubbling with water. Rather they are almost dried up with little scope for boating or taking a dip.

Is food available in Ananthagiri Hills?

There are some of the best eating options, where you can feel the ambiance just as your home. The restaurants in Ananthagiri Hills have diverse menus with Indian cuisine to multi cuisines.

How is the road from Hyderabad to Ananthagiri Hills?

Driving from Hyderabad to Anantagiri Hills I recollected that during my Tata Hexa Blogger meet, I actually drove on this road ! I took the road via Nehru Outer Ring Road to Chilkur Balaji side then on to Chevella and finally Vikarabad. The road is pretty good, and is mostly a single lane road till Anantagiri Hills.

Which is the hottest place in Telangana?

Nalgonda on Thursday recorded the highest temperature in the country with 43.5 degrees Celsius.

What was famous in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is known as The City of Pearls, as once it was the only global centre for trade of large diamonds, emeralds and natural pearls. Many traditional and historical bazaars are located around the city.

Why Hyderabad is named after?

The name Hyderabad means “Haydar’s city” or “lion city”, from haydar ‘lion’ and ābād ‘city’, after Caliph Ali Ibn Abi Talib, also known as Haydar because of his lion-like valour in battle. The city was originally called Baghnagar “city of gardens”, and later acquired the name Hyderabad.